What is Upright Vacuum Cleaner? Pros and Cons

The upright vacuum is a device that consists of the power head, dirt container and handle all attached as one unit. The balancing mechanism contains an impeller motor which rotates in order to create suction force from its fan nozzle at the bottom end when it’s being used on floors or rugs with carpeting underneath them.

Pros of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Easy to Use

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people who move around frequently or have back problems to choose an upright vacuum. If you’re trying to vacuum your entire living room with one hand, an upright can be very helpful. It has a handle that makes it easy and convenient for moving from spot-to-spot without bending down!

Easy to Store

You can take your upright vacuum wherever you want and it will be able to stand up on its own! It can also easily stand up on its own inside a closet or anywhere else you like and even offer customized wall mounts that help free up floor space in any room of your house!

Large Vacuum Head

The large head that allows upright vacuums to balance on their own also comes in handy when vacuuming large areas. Its wide footprint makes it easy to quickly clean even the largest rooms, and its powerful suction will pick up any particles of dirt or hair with ease!

Easy to Empty and Clean

The upright vacuum is a convenient and efficient way to clean up all of that dirt. With bags, you’ll end up throwing out the bag every time it gets full which can take forever if there are multiple surfaces in need of cleaning! But most of the upright’s models have plastic receptacles for storing collected debris (which snap securely into place), emptying your container becomes as easy as popping off one side or pulling out another whole section when necessary–no more rinsing down filters by hand because they’re too dirty on top either; just twist them open then suck everything into an empty slot until satisfied before slipping these babies back together again.

Cons of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Noise Level

The sound made by upright vacuums can be hard to muffle due their unibody design. Some 70-dB rated units exist, but they’re usually noisier than the low noise canister models which average around 55 dB (and even lower).


Upright vacuums can weigh up to 20 pounds, which might not sound like too much when you don’t have to move it around and only use your hands for a few minutes at most. But the longer we vacuum, especially on an upright model that has lots of attachments or one with wheels/tires for moving easily about in tight spaces; this becomes more noticeable quickly! Luckily there are lightweight options available weighing just 10 lbs., so if weight is something holding back from purchasing anything other than cordless stick type cleaners then consider them instead.


Upright vacuums are not well suited for cleaning stairs or reaching around furniture. You might find yourself having trouble balancing the weight if there’s any height difference between where you’re standing and what is being vacuumed due to this bulky design of upright units.


If you’re considering purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each type. Upright vacuums are great for cleaning carpets or floors that need a deep clean with powerful suction. However, they may not be best suited for homes with lots of stairs because the weight can make them difficult to maneuver. We hope this article has helped you find your answer about what is upright vacuum cleaners!

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