What Is The Function Of The Beater Bar?

We are living in the times of technology and machines. Machines are a part of today’s modern life style and are found almost every place whether it is home, office, markets or any other place. The basic machinery found in our homes are the vacuum cleaners which is the very basic necessity in cleaning households.  But all vacuums are not same like all flooring in different homes are not same! Before buying this basic tool, you should know some differences in which one is all vacuums does not contain “beater bars” but some does. Before buying the vacuum, you should know the function of beater bar.

It is not the brush that resides and rotates and resides on underside of the vacuum cleaner. But it is the metal agitator bar with really smooth shape which is attached to the turning brush having normal bristles just like it is present normally on a brush.


The purpose of Hoover’s invention in 1920’s is actually to agitate the dirt and soils from deep inside the carpet by loosen the dirt. The beater bars vibrates and turns at speed on the carpet to release dirt deep in the carpet and bringing it up. The feature is helpful, if you have fluffy carpets or cut – pile carpets. But it is not suitable for other types of carpets.

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As mentioned above, beater bars works to lift up the deep soil and dirt that stucks deep inside the carpet. The function of the beater bar is that when beater bar turns at speed and with turning the beater bar vibrates. As far as the beater bar vibrates the carpet loosen its dirt and the suction system would then transfer the dirt to the vacuum storage area. The brush bristles that are attached to the vacuum beater bar actually helps to brush the carpet and clean the dirt.

Basically the design of the rotating brush has changed by making the brushes stiffer, varying lengths of the bristles and thus trying to mimic the action that the original beater bar was doing. The better quality upright version utilizes a drive belt driven by the electric motor of the unit. The brush is fit for doing about 6500 cycles each minute. The brush is normally turned by the electric motor of the unit, or in some case has its’own dedicated motor and drive system.

The main reason for fitting beater bars was to give a more prominent vibration to the carpet in order to release the dirt and then have it brushed and sucked into the storage area. The other reason and function of the beater bar is to loosen any yarns that have been trapped beneath other dirt in the carpet, enabling the cleaner to brush and suck up these yarns.

The beater bars are the most helpful feature in vacuum cleaners. They are actually meant for work better on carpets and for the better cleaning of your carpets so that your carpets look more clean and super fluffy. This super feature is sometimes not useful for your homes. The reason behind this is the beater bars work more efficiently on carpets but not on the floors without carpets. On normal carpets, the beater bar works on it normally as well but some types of carpets are not for the beater bar usage. Sometimes it can damage your carpets so it is better not to vacuum on hard surface floors. If you have pets in your homes, beater bar works efficiently on carpets as they remove all kinds of dirt and pet hair also from the carpets and floors.

For cleaning hard- or laminated floors, we would suggest not using a unit with a beater bar. We would suggest getting a good suction-type cleaner. This type of cleaner would also be preferable for Berber carpets as well as laminated-type of flooring. This would do a good job, keep the floor sparkling clean and not cause any damage. People spend lot of money installing wooden floors, and hardwood can be particularly expensive..

The reason for this is that the cleaners that only use suction do not have the capability to do a deep-clean to remove dirt. The best suggestion would be a cleaner with a beater bar in this case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

• Are beater bar bad for rugs?

Yes, beater bar can cause damage to your rugs and carpets if you over use your vacuum on carpets. The dirt and grime sitting on your carpet with grinding away like fibers of sand papers makes it much worse.

• How do you turn off the beater bar in a vacuum?

Press the brush control button next to the On/Off switch to stop the brushes for use on delicate rugs, loop pile carpets and hard floors. Press the button again to restart the Brush bar for vacuuming carpets. The Brush bar will automatically switch on when the machine is reclined into the vacuuming position.

• Does hovering ruin carpets?

Typically, vacuuming does not damage carpet and is actually a safe and effective tool for cleaning dirt and grime from carpets. Some may argue that vacuums are the best cleaning tools for carpets because they suck deeply embedded dirt and dust from carpets without fraying or damaging the material.

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