Machines are the most essential part of our lives nowadays. In many present machines of our lives, vacuum cleaners are the most common and essential cleaner partner of our homes. Every machine needs to be repaired after some time or when you notice any signs if there something went wrong with your appliance. Vacuum cleaners need to be trouble shoot whenever you notice if your vacuum is burning or when the appliance is not performing accurately the daily cleaning tasks.

A vacuum cleaner needs daily cleaning so that its motor does not get hot and creates problems in house cleaning. If the appliance gets overheat, the vacuum cleaner needs to switched off until they cool down just like car. If the motor produces smoke or if the vacuum is not switched off in case of overheating, the product may stop working.


When the vacuum is performing daily cleaning performances correctly or if the vacuum cleaner is not cleaned and maintained correctly, the motor of the vacuum cleaner works harder in order to get suction like in daily chores. This cause motor to get hot because the motor assemblies have moving parts and because of blockage, the motor assemblies create friction in its moving parts and produces burning smell. The warning of the vacuum motor is known as overheating of a vacuum cleaner.

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The motors of the vacuum cleaners are generally protected by thermal cut-off system. The thermal cut-off system shuts down the vacuum cleaner in order to prevent overheating. When the vacuum cleaner gets off, the operator can look for the possible issues such as not draining all of its dirt collection bags or having too many blockages within floor tools wands etcetera

If you find yourself with an unexpectedly powered down machine make sure to first turn it off then unplug it from the wall socket.


There are many reasons which cause vacuums to overheat because the vacuum cleaners need to be cleaned regularly if used for long terms. If the vacuum cleaners are not maintained properly, the filters get clogged resulting in over heating of vacuum. Filters are the protectors of the vital parts of a vacuum cleaner. Filters, however cause vacuum motors to get hot and this is due to interruption of normal air flow. The filters need to be cleaned and washed properly after some use or after every use to ensure the vacuum motor to work properly and effectively. With proper cleaning, filters need to be perished and replaced time to time after prolong use so that they work correctly. Over time, the dust goes into various parts of filter of vacuum cleaner which cause deposits to build up inside the vacuum cleaner. The dirt clogs the filters of the vacuum cleaner which prevents the vacuum cleaner to work properly. This also causes an impact on motors ability to operate properly and also creates burning smell resulting in overheating of the appliance. As soon as the filter is cleaned or replaced then this will help in maintaining good condition of the appliance.

The other reason we can discuss about overheating of a vacuum cleaner is that the extension tube or the flexible hose of a vacuum cleaner is blocked. The extension tube is a stainless tube and has a curved section and the hose of the vacuum cleaner is flexible. The debris like papers and other stuff like hairs etc sometimes get stuck inside resulting to create extra struggle to maintain suction and the motor will not be able to evacuate air properly. This condition will result in overheating of the motor of the vacuum cleaner and creates a burning smell.

If the dust bag of the vacuum got full, this is also the other main reason of overheating of a vacuum cleaner. The dust bag is use to collect all the dust and other debris that is accumulated by the vacuum cleaner. The dust bag should be emptied when its full otherwise if you let the dust bag gets too full, the air will be no longer to circulate. This will cause appliance to not work effectively and results in overheating of the appliance.

When the vacuum cleaner gets too dirty, then this will create a bad smell or makes it overheat. Try to clean the vacuum cleaner with soapy water and before use make sure your vacuum cleaner is completely dry.

The another main reason for getting vacuum cleaner overheat is the motor of the vacuum cleaner is getting short circuiting. If the motor is short circuiting the parts of the motor get damaged such as rotor or the commutator resulting in overheating of a vacuum cleaner.


You should clean the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner when there is no room left for dirt and debris in your bin. You need to empty the bin as soon as possible when the bin has finished dispensing the load and replace it with a new dust bag.

Just like the dust bag, the filter of the vacuum cleaner also needs to be cleaned and replaced after there is no space left in it. Replace the filter or clean the filter of the vacuum cleaner as soon as possible when you notice that your vacuum filter is full with dirt.

 Cleaning the vacuum hose is another remedy to get rid and prevent overheating of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure that your vacuum hose is cleaned after every use and it is clear of any blockages present in the hose. This will help in checking whether there are any holes or cracks present in the tube so that you can replace the hose with a new one. Try dislodging the object using an unwound metal coat hanger or a piece of stiff electrical wire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my vacuum motor is bad?

When the motor of the vacuum cleaner produces a burning smell due to clogged filters or dust bags, the motor of the vacuum cleaner starts producing burning smell because this results in creating extra struggle for vacuum cleaner to clean the surface and the vacuum cleaner does not work properly.

Should I stop using my vacuum cleaner when it overheats?

The vacuum cleaner should be switched off whenever you feel if there is something burning inside. Otherwise the motor will short circuited ad the vacuum cleaner will get damaged. Wait until the motor cools down then try use it for cleaning. The problem continues repair the vacuum cleaner.

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