Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands


One of the most essential invention to clean dirt, dander and bacteria of your homes that maintain a healthy living environment in your homes and eliminates the bad odor in your homes and offices is the vacuum cleaner. This best invention not only saves your time but it maintains the investment you made in your homes by vacuuming all the necessary spaces including carpets and rugs.

The family of vacuum cleaners has a lot of brands. Choosing the best brand when you go to market to buy a vacuum cleaner may be difficult because there are a lot of vacuum cleaners with different specifications. So to choose the right one may be confusing. Different vacuum cleaners have different features and specifications. Some brands also produce vacuum cleaners in robotic form or the vacuums that can be used commercially.

Vacuum cleaner brands give you a  variety of wide range in buying different types of vacuum cleaners that includes from cleaning carpets and rugs to cleaning pet hairs from your couch or picking up the dirt from your furniture or car interiors and even in the tight and small spaces where cleaning becomes difficult. Vacuum cleaner brands have eased the life of people in cleaning and maintaining a healthy life style in their homes. Here are some popular vacuum cleaner brands discussed below in this article.


Miele is a German manufacturer brand that not only has a variety of different types of vacuum cleaners but also a variety in home cleaning appliances that includes dish washers, ovens and coffee machines. Miele vacuum cleaner ranges from cleaning carpets and rugs to clean the pet hairs and includes a variety like Miele compact C2 powerline, Miele complete C3 powerline, Miele blizzard CX1, Miele cat and dog pro power line and Miele complete C3 total solution etc. this vacuum cleaner brand is a champ in making canister vacuums and they mostly manufacture canister vacuums. This vacuum cleaner brand not only manufactures canister vacuums but they also manufacture other types of vacuums such as hand held vacuums, stick vacuums and even robotic vacuums.

This vacuum cleaner brand plays a remarkable role in cleaning all types of dust particles, dander and pet hairs etc and makes your life easy by maintaining a clean, healthy and fresh looking homes and environment.




This vacuum cleaner brand is a British manufactured brand that makes beautiful and stylish looking vacuum cleaners. Like all other brands this vacuum cleaner brand not only makes vacuum cleaners but also manufactures other electrical home appliances like hair dryers, air purifiers, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters and lights. This vacuum cleaner brand apart from other brands manufactures bagless vacuum cleaners but also contains a lot of accessories. The vacuum cleaners of this brand are usually light weight because they are entirely made up of plastic. This vacuum cleaner brand usually manufactures cordless or stick or handheld vacuum cleaners. They also make canister and upright vacuum cleaners as well.

The machinery of Dyson brand has structural integrity. The engineers that design Dyson brand vacuum cleaners use fewer materials that is why they are light in weight. The vacuum cleaners of this brand are usually the cheapest in their class but they are the best in terms of performances. Some of the vacuum cleaners of this brand are Dyson cordless vacuums, Dyson upright vacuums and Dyson hardwood floor vacuums etc. This vacuum cleaner brand has most strong suction power as compared to brands of vacuum cleaners.

Dyson vacuums are best for your needs. From deep cleaning of carpets or bare floors and even in cleaning of pet hairs this vacuum cleaner brand performs the best.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner


The Bissell brand is an American manufacturer brand. This vacuum cleaner brand has a variety of vacuum cleaners both for your homes and commercial use. The variety of these vacuum cleaners is the fine ones that perfectly suited for your needs. The vacuum cleaners of this brand are light in weight and portable. This vacuum cleaner brand is most popular in cleaning carpets, steam cleaners and their accessories. The quality of these vacuum cleaners is good with affordable prices. If you are pet owner, than don’t stress over pet messes. This vacuum cleaner brand makes cordless vacuum cleaners that are best in cleaning and picking up of all pet messes. With the cleaning up of all pet messes it also eliminates the bad odor and eliminates tough stains and spots that pet messes leave.

Bissell vacuum cleaners are the best recommended for cleaning your carpets and rugs. The upright vacuum cleaners of Bissell brand are the best for deep cleaning of carpets and rugs.



This vacuum brand is an American manufacturer brand that is not only popular in US but around the world. This brand except vacuums, manufactures mops, irons, blenders, coffee makers, cleaning tools, carpet washers and other accessories for home use and for commercial use. These vacuum cleaner brands have good quality with affordable prices. Shark brand makes vacuum cleaners in attractive colors and different sizes.

 This vacuum cleaner brand has corded, cordless, bagged and bag less vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner brand is the most durable cleaning brand because it consists of a brush roll that cleans and pick up all pet hairs and also all the messy detangle pet hairs very efficiently. With the cleaning up of pet hairs this vacuum cleaner brand cleans and picks all the other dust particles even big or fine particles and cleans the dander.


This robotic vacuum cleaner brand which was invent for medical purpose was founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This vacuum cleaner brand is the most popular vacuum cleaner brand in making robotic vacuums, robot mops and robotic pool vacuums. These vacuum cleaners are easy to use with no exhaustion and your home cleans in no time. this vacuum cleaner brands generally have several models each having different price points. You can operate the robotic vacuums with iRobot home app.

This robotic vacuum cleaner have fantastic battery power system that cleans the allergy producing dust particles and all other dusty messes very easily. If you are allergic to dust, robotic vacuums are best for your homes. The battery recharges very quickly but they also demand maintenance that require high cost.


This brand of vacuum cleaner is much newer in markets than other brands of vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner brand is a Chinese manufacturer brand that only produces robotic mops and robotic vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaner brands also manufacture hybrid robotic mops that can clean spills like water. It can also clean dry debris such as cereals and sand.

These vacuum cleaners are so easy to use without any difficulty because it can clean surfaces and areas that are too small and where it is difficult to reach and clean the dust such as under tables, chairs and other furniture.

The parts of these roborock vacuum cleaners needs maintenance over time or the parts should be changed or replaced over time.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Shark better than Dyson?

Shark and Dyson both are the best in their places. Both the vacuum cleaners provide best cleaning and both are very easy to use. The difference between these two is that Dyson has more suction power than Shark. Dyson is not budget friendly than Shark and is heavy in weight.

Are Bissell vacuums good?

In comparing all the famous brands manufacturing vacuum cleaners, the brand Shark gets an excellent satisfaction rating, the brand Miele gets a very good satisfaction rating while Bissell brands gets a middle rating of good.

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