Difference between Pet Vacuum and Regular Vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners being one of vital appliance for cleaning jobs come in variety of styles, features, specialties and attachments targeting different type of surfaces. You might have come across vacuum cleaners having specialties for cat litter, pet hair, allergies and long hairs. This article is about difference pet vacuum and regular vacuum. We will discuss about features and specifications that makes vacuum, a pet vacuum.

Difference between Pet Vacuum and Regular Vacuum Cleaner

You might have seen vacuum cleaners marketed as pet vacuums or vacuum for pet hair etc. Many vacuum cleaner manufacturers introduce some models as pet vacuums and target a specific group of people. As pet owners are looking forward for a vacuum cleaner that best suits their needs and handles pet hair and messes efficiently. So, in coming paragraph we will discuss some must have features and qualities in a vacuum cleaner to be called as “pet vacuum”.

Upright Style

A pet vacuum cleaner should have strong suction so that it may suck pet hair from carpets and floors efficiently. A vacuum that doesn’t loose suction over the period of cleaning cycle are recommended. For this purpose bagless vacuum cleaner is normally recommended.

Upright Style

Vacuum cleaners come in variety of styles including canister, upright, stick and handheld shapes. Upright vacuum cleaners are known for strong suction and usually manufacturers manufacture pet vacuums in upright styles.

Rotating Brushroll

Vacuum cleaners with motorized brushrolls work great in picking up pet hair efficiently. Nowadays vacuum cleaners have an added feature of self cleaning brushroll. They are famous in preventing hair wraps around brushroll avoiding hassle of manually removing wrapped hairs. To add versatility a vacuum with rotating brush should have a provision of turning off the rotating brush, so that you may use your vacuum cleaner on hardwood flooring without scratching your elegant floor.

Filtration Type

Pet vacuums are supposed to clean pet hair, dander and allergens. HEPA filters are recommended to prevent allergies and are preferred for persons with asthma related issues. HEPA filters capture smallest particle like pollen and allergens with an efficiency of 99.97%. So a pet vacuum may have HEPA filtration system to avoid allergies.

Additional Attachments

A pet vacuum cleaner usually comes with certain attachments that help a vacuum to effectively pick pet hair from tight corners and edges. These pet friendly tools include crevice tool, dusting brush and nozzles that ensure you to remove accumulated pet hair from edges.

What is Pet Friendly Vacuum?

A pet friendly vacuum cleaner should have strong suction combined with effective filtration system like HEPA filters. Other features for a vacuum to b called pet friendly include additional pet tools, motorized rotating brushroll and a bagless design. We recommend you to read complete specifications of your desired vacuum cleaner before declaring it a pet vacuum cleaner. If a vacuum cleaner is equipped with above mentioned features, you may call specific vacuum a pet friendly vacuum cleaner and it will be a good choice for homes with pets.

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Do pet vacuums really work?

Pet vacuums are marketed to target homeowners with pets. Mostly pet vacuums work great in picking up cats and dogs hair. But it is pertinent to mention that vacuum cleaners that aren’t marketed with a label of pet vacuum also work efficiently in homes with pets. Many high end models of different manufacturers have a proven record of working well on all surfaces and perform very well on pet hair. If a vacuum cleaner is equipped with all the desired features of a pet vacuum, it is supposed to work great to clear pet messes.

Are pet vacuums good for human hair?

Human shed hair and it causes lot of nuisance to clean them. Human hairs are relatively longer and it becomes difficult to pick those long strands with a regular vacuum cleaner. Long hairs become tangled with brushrolls and hair clumps clog the vacuum hose causing loss in suction and inconvenience.

A pet vacuum with certain features work great in picking up human hair. A vacuum for human hair may have tangle free brushroll, self-cleaning brushroll and strong suction. Shark vacuum cleaners for long hair use zero m technology which works well and avoids hair tangling.

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