How does a Self-Cleaning Brush Roll Work?

Vacuum cleaner is one of great invention for homeowners struggling to keep their homes neat and tidy. With the passage of time we have witnessed lot of technological advancements and value addition to vacuum cleaners, like any other appliance or a gadget. From large heavy duty vacuum machines to small handheld to robotic vacuums has been the journey of these vital machines. In pursuit of improvement, self cleaning brushroll is one great addition to vacuum cleaners that has been introduced to ease our lives further. In this brief article, we will try answering following frequently asked questions about self cleaning brush roll.

What is a self cleaning brush roll?

 How does self cleaning brush roll work?

Is it worth it to own a vacuum with self cleaning brushroll?

If you are seeking answers to these questions; read the complete article, it will help you know the answers.

What is self-cleaning brushroll on a vacuum?

Self cleaning brush roll is an innovation in cleaning head of vacuum cleaners to defend against hair wrap around brushroll. Self-cleaning brush roll enables strong suction and efficient hair removal alongside avoiding hair wrapping around the roll.  As you all know hair wrap creates a lot of mess and makes us cut hair wraps manually. Thanks to self cleaning brushroll, it will save you from this hassle and will make your life easy.

Shark is the most popular manufacturer of vacuum cleaners in every category. Shark vacuum machines are equipped with self cleaning brush rolls.  Duo Clean power-fins and Zero M technologies are used by shark clean to serve the purpose of effective hair removal and avoiding hair wrap.

How does self-cleaning brushroll work?

Powerful suction created by vacuum sucks in the dust, debris and pet hair. Then, bristle guard comes in action and separates hair from the brushroll until an integrated comb removes hair from bristles. Following the guard action, hairs are sucked into the dust bin making brushroll ready for next cleaning cycle. This is how self cleaning brushroll gives you freedom of using scissors to cut pet and human hair wraps.  

Is it worth it to own a vacuum with self cleaning brushroll?

Yes, it is worth it to own a vacuum cleaner with an innovative self cleaning brushroll technology. Such a vacuum keeps the brushroll clean and free of debris, which ensures better suction and performance. A dirty or clogged brushroll can cause serious problems with your vacuum cleaner, so it’s important to keep it clean and functioning properly. A vacuum cleaner with self cleaning brushroll will save you from hassle of manually removing hair wraps from brushroll.

What is Zero-M technology?

One popular innovation in vacuum cleaners today is “Zero-M Technology” by Shark. It has been designed to prevent human and pet hair from wrapping around brushroll. These vacuums have a comb that removes hair tangles while it’s operating. The Shark self-cleaning brushroll has been improved with the introduction of Duo Clean Power Fins roller. These fins are made from flexible silicone which removes wrapped hair from the roller.

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