Does Roomba Work on Carpet? 5 Best Picks of Roomba

Robotic vacuum cleaners are one of best inventions in cleaning tools as a result of recent technological developments. They have made our lives incredibly easy by automating traditional floor cleaning methods. Roomba by iRobot is the market leader and most popular robotic vacuum cleaner brand among home owners. Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner cleans your home efficiently and let you focus on other areas of your life. It will navigate using various sensors and will clean your home the way you want it.

Robotic vacuums perform incredibly well on hardwood floors and tiles. But, in case of carpets and rugs, choosing robot vacuum is critical. They might not do well on high pile rugs and dark colored carpets. There are plenty of question regarding roomba vacuum effectiveness over carpeted floors. Many potential users ask Do roombas work on carpet? Do roombas make floor transitions smoothly? In this article we have tried to answer lot of questions relevant to roomba robotic vacuum that you might be thinking to ask, before actually ordering a roomba for your home. Let’s see what we’ve gathered for you!

Do Roomba work on carpet?

Homeowners who are interested in purchasing a roomba vacuum might be wondering if the robot will operate appropriately on the carpet. The short answer is yes, roombas work just fine on carpet. They have strong suction that will pick up dust and loose debris easily without damaging your carpets.

Roombas are smart devices that can navigate around the house with ease. They have sensors in their base to make transitions between different surfaces smoothly. Although Roombas are great at keeping everyday messes under control and have been getting better over time with their ability to clean deeply embedded dirt from carpets, they still aren’t capable of serious deep carpet cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your traditional vacuum cleaner in place, to deep clean carpets.  

In the latter part of our article, we’ve listed down the top five roomba vacuums to consider based on, price range as well as features including and effectiveness in cleaning carpets.

Can a roomba go from hardwood to carpet?

Roomba is capable of going from one surface to the other like carpets, tiles, rugs and hardwood floors. Roomba have springs on which their main wheels are mounted so that they can easily transition from one floor to the other. It is pertinent to mention here that Roomba will make a transition to a floor having height difference up-to ½ inch.

In the event that your roomba vacuum detects dark colored rugs or carpets as stairs, it will avoid making a transition and adjust its position to prevent from doing so. To counter this problem you can use what’s called a trick (not recommended by Roomba product support) which involves covering up sensors located at front of device with white paper so they do not detect false signals associated with steps. This should fix any issue about going over carpet or rug edges.

How to keep Roomba off rug?

Rugs are used to decorate our floors and provide warmth. Shag rugs can be comfortable to walk on but sometimes they act as hindrance for Roomba.

The best way to keep your floor clean and free from dirt is with a rug. A shaggy, deep pile design will not only look adorable but can also be comfortable on feet while providing warmth at the same time. However, Roomba vacuum may occasionally get stuck in one of these fluffy carpets.

You can confine your robot vacuum’s access to the rugs in the following ways.

  1. You may roll the rug up before cleaning to save it from tangling.
  2. You may order optional “Dual mode virtual wall Barrier” that gives you control over where roomba robotic vacuum cleans.
  3. Few models of roomba give the provision to create keep out zones. But this feature is exclusive to few models of roomba.

Do Roomba work on hardwood floors?

Roombas are safe for hardwood floors, but only if you buy models that have been configured exclusively to allow them. These particular types of Roomba come with specially-designed brushes designed not scratch or scrape your precious flooring materials in any way.

 All current generation models work on every type of surface imaginable so there’s no need to worry about which surface roomba is going to face.

How many square feet can a Roomba clean?

The Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner is capable of mapping and cleaning an area up-to 2500 square feet. It will not be able to do this entire job in one charge though, as it only has a battery life that lasts around 100 minutes on average before needing another recharge.  Having this much runtime, Roomba will cover area up-to 1000 square feet in single charge.

However there are models which can return themselves back to charging station when drained. They will carry on the left out cleaning jobs once fully charged.

Does roomba clean corners?

Yes, Roomba is capable of cleaning corners and edges. It has built in function that you may choose from app or the unit itself – “Edge Cleaning”. This enables roomba to efficiently trap hidden particles along an edge for optimal hygiene.

The Roomba has two separate brushes, one being front-mounted and second being side-mounted. Cleaning brushes located on sides are meant for cleaning corners and along walls. It uses a spinning mechanism to propel dirt and pitch it towards where its vacuum can take up all that’s been pitched.

Is the iRobot Roomba worth it?

iRobot Roomba is comparatively popular robotic vacuum cleaner. They memorize the layout of entire home and makes cleaning a breeze, while you relax or do other chores. Roomba cuts down your frequency of deep cleaning. Although very efficient and highly automated, you will require a rgular vacuum cleaner to carry out deep cleaning of floors and carpets.

iRobot roomba vacuums are worth the investment if you have a busy schedule and you want to delegate some tasks to an intelligent machine. They are effective in cleaning hardwood floors and low pile carpets. Few important features, making roomba worth the investment are as below;

  • Programmed mapping
  • Voice assistance
  • Powerful suction
  • Self emptying of dustbin
  • Recharge themselves on their own

Does Roomba mop floors?

Yes it is capable of mopping floors. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum & Braava Jet m6 Robot Mop Bundle is the ultimate cleaning system for your home. Roomba vacuum will first vacuum clean the floor and Braava mop will carry out mopping of floors. With this bundle, you can now clean your floors with just one touch of a button or by using voice commands with iRobot Home App.

Does roomba work on thick carpet?

Roomba robotic vacuums are great for tackling most types of floors, but it seems like thick carpets present a challenge. The vacuum struggles with pulling out debris and dirt from these mats as well getting Roomba across from hardwood flooring onto thick pile carpet in order to do its job effectively is also somewhat difficult.

Roombas are primarily good for hardwood flooring and relatively low pile carpets. Although Roomba does have strong suction, they are susceptible to getting stuck in thick fibers. Moreover, when they are put to operate on the thick carpet, the battery drains out quickly and may cause inconvenience.

Which Roomba model is best?

That answer can only be provided the customer. Roombas come with different models to suit different needs–so your first decision will revolve around how many rooms you have to clean and what surfaces you need to take care of. You’ll also want to consider other considerations like noise level, wireless connectivity, and dustbin size etc. These are just some factors that might influence which Roomba is best for your home.

We recommend two best roomba models to buy, one being best budget and other being best high end.

Best Budget:  iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets and Hard Floors

Best High End:  iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal, Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Powerful Suction, Ideal for Pet Hair

Does Roomba work on tile?

Yes, roomba vacuum works fine on tile floors. Roomba cleaners are great at picking up pet hairs and dirt from both hardwood and tile floors. In combination with the innovative iRobot Braava mop, you can always depend on a thorough clean for your flooring needs.

Does roomba work in the dark?

Few Roomba models work fine in dark. While, others will perform poorly in the dark and will return to base after cleaning random spots.

Roomba i3 model works in the dark. It is dependent on sensors for navigation. Roomba i7 needs some light to function properly and do cleaning jobs.

As per reviews posted, s9 roomba doesn’t work well in dark. It returns to base after cleaning random spots.

Do magnetic strips work with Roomba?

Magnetic strips are used for robot vacuum navigation control. Sensors located on roomba will detect magnetic strips and divert their path.

Recent roomba models don’t work with magnetic strips. You may use virtual wall barrier by iRobot in place of magnetic strips. They work great with Roomba robotic vacuum.

Is roomba safe for vinyl plank floors?

Yes, a roomba robot vacuum is safe to be used on vinyl plank floors as per customer reviews and the manufacturer’s instructions. However we recommend consulting your floor’s material distributor or installer before purchasing one in order to verify, if it will work well with their particular product line-up of floors.

Will Roomba scratch laminate floors?

It’s unlikely that your roomba will scratch the laminate flooring. This is because wheels on robot vacuum cleaners are made of a material that cannot scratch wood or laminate. Following are the couple of reviews about roomba for laminate flooring.

We have wood laminate flooring thruout and the Roomba is wonderful on it. Can’t scratch as there is nothing sharp on it. We love our Roomba soooooo much and so do our doggies, they think it’s a puppy and follow it all over the house”

“Hi! I have high quality laminate floors throughout my house. I have not seen any scratches at all and I find if I use my cleaner after the iRobot has been through, it is a much, much easier job and a very nice finish. Hope this helps!”

Having quoted the reviews, we would like to add few precautionary measures; you may take to avoid getting scratches on laminated floors.

  1. You should often clean the wheels of robotic vacuum and ensure that wheels move freely.
  2. You may also use lubricating oil for free movement of wheels.

How does the roomba know where to go?

Roomba is a modern generation robotic vacuum cleaner invented to make our lives easy. It uses smart navigation sensors to know where to go with minimum human intervention. .

Once you press the “Clean” button, smart roomba vacuum calculates the room size and estimated time to clean the room space. Cliff sensors, wall sensors and object sensors help roomba to move around furniture, walls and obstacles. These sensors assist roomba to clean alongside walls and edges.

Does Roomba work on carpet with fringe?

Roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush and high-performance vacuum capabilities. Some people have reported successful use of Roomba’s on carpet with fringe, but there are also many that complain about them getting tangled or having their bristles snagged in the fringe loops. Another potential concern may be that some hairs from the pet might get caught up in the brush of your Roomba, which would both interfere with the robot’s ability to function properly. Apart from this, a functioning Roomba ought to make it through most carpets with fringes without accident.

Do Roombas work on rug?

Roomba is not recommended to be used over thick rugs. It might get clogged in fibers and ultimately ruining the rug. For expert advice, rug manufacturer might guide you better about robotic vacuum usage over their product.

Does Roomba work on black carpet?

Roomba doesn’t work on black carpet because of cliff sensors. They mislead black carpet as a stair and to avoid a fall off the edge, roomba won’t work on black carpet.

You may use a trick by covering the sensor with tape. It this way, it roomba might begin working on black carpet.

How to tell if Rroomba is charging?

Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner is charged via Home Base. Indicator lights will turn off after 60 seconds to conserve energy while Roomba is charging. You may check status of the battery by pressing the CLEAN button to illuminate the Battery Indicator. Indicator will appear orange while the battery is charging and solid green when fully charged.

Does Roomba need wifi?

Not necessarily, Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners do not require a wifi connection to carry out vacuum cleaning tasks. By pressing the “Clean” button roomba will start its work and return to its home position after getting it done.

It is pertinent to mention here that, you won’t be able to set a schedule from app and control roomba remotely.

What is best Roomba Robotic vacuum cleaner for carpet?

Having summarized relevant questions with answers, if you have made up your mind to purchase a best roomba vacuum for carpet, we have chosen best 5 roombas for carpet. These products have been selected based on price and advanced features. Lets discuss each model of roomba, describing their specifications and features.


The Roomba 694 Robotic Vacuum is a sleek and sophisticated design that will complement your home decor. It comes with premium features to offer you an advanced way of cleaning, It features connectivity capabilities, allowing you full control from anywhere in your home or office.

Best value Roomba is smart enough in retaining information about the cleaning habits of the house and often makes useful suggestions to schedule cleaning tasks in a more efficient manner. It will suggest you extra cleaning during pet shred and allergy seasons. Roomba is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant, making it start cleaning jobs by your voice.

It employs Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head having automatic height adjustment system that ensures carpets and hard floors are cleaned efficiently. Roomba uses 3 stage cleaning system and multi-surface brushes to remove dirt from carpets and hardwood floors. Moreover, edges and corners are efficiently cleaned by edge sweeping brushes.

This robot is equipped with patented technology (Dirt Detect) that can identify dirt in high traffic areas so it may be cleaned thoroughly. To make cleaning a breeze,  Roomba has various sensors i.e. navigation sensors, cliff detection sensors that prevent roomba robotic vacuum from falling off the edges.

Runtime of roomba vacuum is 90 minutes. Once drained, it will automatically return to docking station and recharge itself.


do Roomba work on carpet?

Roomba i3+ robotic vacuum cleaner helps in easing out your vacuuming assignments. Advanced features like automatic dirt disposal, wifi connectivity, self recharging and alexa support makes roomba best roomba for carpet and pet hair.

The Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal is a great way to make your house clean and fresh without having you do any work. This automatic system will empty itself after 60 days, easing you from this stress.

Roomba i3+ provides powerful suction and uses multi-surface rubber brushes that remove dirt and pet hair from everywhere. Edges and corners are cleaned through edge sweeping brush, hence a thorough cleaning is offered. Suction offered by this machine is 10X compared to 600 series roomba vacuum.

Smart navigation by modern floor tracking sensors maps the entire house in neat rows to efficiently vacuum clean hardwood floors and carpet.  iRobot Home application provides improvised cleaning experience. It enables to personalize cleaning schedule and suggests cleaning on seasonal requirements.

Being equipped with multi-surface rubber brushes, Roomba don’t get entangled with pet hair. Further, highly efficient filter is capable of trapping 99% of pet allergens, that makes roomba i3+ one of best robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Roomba i3+ can team up with Braava jet m6 mop via imprint link technology. This combo can vacuum clean your floor first, followed by mopping providing comprehensive cleaning.

Roomba does not get stuck around furniture by virtue of reactive sensor technology. It defines the go/ not go areas for Roomba. Patented dirt detect technology helps locate the dirtier areas of house and cleans those areas thoroughly. Roomba i3+ is smart enough to recharge itself and resume the cleaning assignment, where it left it-off.


Roomba self emptying robot vacuum

The iRobot Roomba j7+ (7550) robotic vacuum cleaner is an intelligent robot that vacuums your home with ease. It has a precision vision navigation designed to avoid obstacles and cords, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on or tangled in them. The iRobot Roomba j7+ use its advanced intelligence to clean your home better than ever before, so you can keep your floors spotless every day.

The powerful j7+ robotic vacuum is the perfect for your home. Not only can it clean how and when you want, but customizable Keep Out Zones allow its users to dictate where they do not want this device going.

The j7+ will have your home looking clean in no time. With 10x the power-lifting suction, an edge sweeping brush and unique dual multi surface rubber brushers that adjust to different floor types you’re guaranteed not only a tidy but also hygienic environment for all those living or visiting.  Imprint link technology enables to operate roomba j7+ in combination with Braava jet m6, which mops the floor after vacuuming by roomba vacuum.

The Roomba robot vacuum cleans your floors on its own, leaving you free to do what matters most. The Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system conveniently handles all that dirty work for an easy exit strategy. You just need to drop the used bag in trash and put a fresh bag in base.

The new iRobot J7+ is able to know when you’re going out and stop cleaning, so it doesn’t interrupt your life. It also offers personalized schedules based on pollen counts or pet shedding season. This robot can be programmed with different settings for flexibility–including starting a routine upon departure as well as ending one upon return from work.



top rated robot vacuum

The s9+ is the Roomba’s smartest and most powerful robotic vacuum, so you can enjoy a clean home without worrying about your floors. The all-new Roomba Robotic Vacuum offers unparalleled performance that leaves any surface spotless.

The iRobot Roomba s9+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum is the smartest and most advanced robot vacuum on the market. Clean base automatic dirt disposal feature allows you to set the Roomba s9+ to automatically empty its dustbin when it’s full, so you never have to worry about emptying it yourself.

The 3-stage cleaning system will have your carpets clean in no time. The first stage loosens debris deep within the fibers, followed by removing any dirt or debris that has been embedded in carpets. Suction power provided by roomba s9+ is 40 times stronger than 600 series roomba.

The iRobot Roomba S9+ is a self-emptying robot vacuum that cleans your floors with advanced sensors and a specially designed Corner Brush. It’s able to clean deep into corners and along edges, so it can pick up dirt you didn’t even know was there.

The Roomba s9+ is a one-of-a kind cleaning machine. It intelligently maps and cleans an entire level of your home, vSLAM navigation actively captures over 230400 data points per second to optimize coverage which allows you tell it exactly where to go or when (based on preferences).

The Roomba s9+ is the perfect way to keep your home neat and tidy, even when you’re away. The robotic vacuum will learn about what areas need cleaning most often so that it can schedule these regular chores for optimal efficiency! You may also want to take advantage of its personalized schedules in pollen season or during pet shedding time. Power Boost technology automatically increases suction to remove deep entrenched debris from carpets.

Best roomba for thick carpet uses Imprint Smart Mapping that turns any robot into a smart cleaning system. Your kitchen and living room are easy to program, as they’re represented in Imprint’s map of the house for vacuuming at your convenience.

This high end model of roomba vacuum has 30% wider rubber brushes that don’t et tangled with pet hair. Further, advance filtration system successfully captures dust and allergens making it a recommended product for allergy sufferers.


High quality robot vacuum

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum & Braava Jet m6 (6112) Robot Mop Bundle is the ultimate cleaning system for your home. It includes two of iRobot’s best-selling products, Roomba s9+ robotic vacuum, and Braava jet m6 robot mop. With this bundle, you can now clean your floors with just one touch of a button or by using voice commands with iRobot Home App.

Roomba s9+ eases vacuuming process with clean base automatic dirt disposal. It enables roomba to empty itself for up-to two months. Roomba has strong suction i.e. 40x suction of 600 series. Multi-stage cleaning system effectively removes debris and pet hair from carpets.

It ensures quality cleaning with PerfectEdge technology combined with intelligent sensors. Corners and edges are effectively cleaned through corner brushes.  State of the art vSLAM navigation enables roomba s9+ robotic vacuum cleaner to wisely clean your entire floor.

Roomba s9+ and Braava m6 mop teams up to vacuum clean first and then mop the floor automatically in perfect order. Braava jetm6 mop effectively takes care of sticky messes and kitchen spills. Smart mop employs electrostatic force to sweep and wicking fibers to mop.  Roomba is capable of fitting seamlessly in your life. It is best robotic vacuum cleaner for multiple rooms. It is well capable of cleaning hardwood floors, tile and stone.

Intelligent roomba robotic vacuum offer you customized schedules based on your cleaning habits. It guides you about extra cleaning during pet shredding and high pollen seasons. Further, it gives you provision of setting up keep out zones to keep away certain objects.

Patented Smart Charge & Resume enables your robot to intelligently recharge and then, continue cleaning tasks where it left it-off.

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