Best Vacuum Mop for Hardwood Floors Combo

Life has become so busy nowadays that you always look for multitasking and try to finish your household chores in least time. Cleaning one’s home is a basic household chore everyone is doing all the time, as per their cleaning schedule. Traditionally our elders used to dry the clean the floor, followed by mopping with water bucket in hand. It used to be very time consuming and hectic.

Experts recommend mopping your floors twice a week as a minimum. This implies in order to mop your floor, you will perform three activities i.e. sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. As discussed earlier, lives have become busy and no-one has this much spare time for cleaning floors. Solution to this issue lies in owning a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner and mop for hardwood floors and carpets.  These multi-tasking machines use combo of vacuum and mop, saving a lot of time, energy and hassle.  It will cut down your floor cleaning time to half. Rest of the time, you may perform other house chores. To add more spice, robotic vacuum mops are also available in market. They make cleaning and mopping a breeze.

Now, there are varieties of vacuum and mop combos available in market. It is difficult to choose reliable and popular product for this dual task. We have tried our best to list down eight best vacuum mops for hardwood floors, based on specifications and ratings. Let’s proceed towards individual description of each machine.

4.5/5 vacuum mop for hardwood floors

Bissell crosswave is a 2 in 1 multi-surface cleaner that vacuums and washes your floor at the same time. Bissell performs well on various floors like tile, sealed wood floors, pressed wood floors, laminate and area rugs.

Wet dry vacuum and mop for hardwood floors saves time and cleans superior than typical sponge mop and bucket.  It provides provision of effortlessly switching from cleaning hardwood floors to vacuuming rugs.

It uses two tank technology keeping clean water and formula separate from dirty water and dry debris. In this way, fresh mix of water and formula is available each time for cleaning tasks.

Dual action multi-surface brush roll made of microfiber and nylon rotates at 3000 rpm, which mops and picks dirt simultaneously. Gentle action of wood floor brush roll combined with wood floor formula helps in restoring floor’s natural shine.

Bissell crosswave is also effective in cleaning area rugs. Brush roll bristles and rug formula work in combination to agitate, loose and remove dirt from rugs.

Hard floor tough mess plus odor eliminator formula and multi surface brush roll removes sticky messes, pet odors and allergens from sealed hardwood floors. Pet multi surface brush and pet formula with febreze freshness work together, to eliminate pet odors and messes, while you clean.

Being quite effective on hardwood floors, Bissell is undoubtedly one of best vacuum mop for hardwood floors.

 Package includes a Multi-Surface Brush Roll, 8 oz Multi-Surface Formula, and a Rinse & Clean-Out Storage Tray, all for a fresh clean, quick cleanup and easy maintenance. Bissell vacuum mop comes with 2 year of limited warranty.


Best vacuum mop for hardwood floorsbest vacuum mop for hardwood floors

Tineco cordless wet dry vacuum is a 3 in 1 tool, that vacuum clean large particles and liquid at the same time saving time and effort.  It eliminates the need of sweeping before vacuuming and mopping. It conveniently and swiftly cleans your hardwood floors, Vinyl, laminated, tile and marble. But, it is pertinent to mention here that it is not recommend for uneven surfaces and area rugs.

Tineco is backed by powerful motor that creates powerful suction, performing quick cleaning of big messes. Roller gives enhanced scrubbing performance than a traditional mop. It leaves no marks behind, giving you top clean surface in first attempt. Fast dry technology makes floor to dry quickly.

iFloor3 self clean cycle makes cleaning of dirty roller hassle free as compared to other wet dry competitors. One click activates self cleaning function, washing tube and roller with fresh water and detergent.

Advanced digital display provides useful information to aid you. Several indicators on display include battery level, self cleaning function, power indicator and tangled brush indicator.

Tineco lightweight and portable vacuum has been designed as two tank system, separating clean water from dirty water. So that, fresh water and detergent are available for every cleaning job.


best vacuum mop for hardwood floors

Tineco iFloor uses swivel steering mechanism for maneuvering around furniture on hardwood floors. Lightweight body and cordless vacuum make you forget hassle of carrying buckets and mop.

Multi-purpose docking station provides convenient and tidy way of storing vacuum cleaner. It also charges the device and self cleans, leaving no mess on floor.

Ifloor is one of best lightweight cordless vacuum mop combo for hardwood floors as per its specifications and design features.


vacuum mop for hardwood floors mechoffice

Shark hard floor vacuum mop provides powerful suction combined with spray mopping. It removes dry dirt, pet hair, absorbs and scrub wet messes and provides provision of tossing the disposable pad without touching the mess.

VACMOP disposable pads and cleaning solution tackles messes and debris efficiently. It has been designed to give a complete clean specifically on sealed hard floors making it best budget vacuum mop for hardwood floors.

Disposable pad makes disposing-off dirt quite handy and easy, once you realize that the pad needs replacement, just dispose-off the old one and start fresh without touching the mess.

Best vacuum and mop combo is lightweight and compact, making it easy to move around and makes cleaning easy. Cordless feature enables room to room cleaning quite easy and hassle free.

LED headlight illuminates hidden dust and debris around corners, beneath furniture and around edges, enabling thorough clean.

Magnetic charger sticks on contact making charging easy.

Package box includes Shark vacuum, 2 disposable pads and 12 oz bottle of VACMOP multi-surface hard floor cleaner.

mechoffice vacuum mop for hardwood floors

Bissell symphony Pet 2 in one vacuum and steam mop is very effective in cleaning pet messes by working as vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner in a single unit. Symphony pet vacuums pet hair and debris while also steam cleaning, so cleaning floors in single step. It uses natural water to sanitize floors making it safe to use around kids and pets, while removing germs and bacteria.

It is safe to be used over all sealed hard floors, so you may replace other hardwood floor cleaners with this machine. 

This machine uses Drop-IT tank technology eliminating the need of reaching into dirt tank for the purpose of emptying. Moreover, it gives the provision of two options for steam cleaning your floor. You may use reusable microfiber pads to clean everyday messes or use swiffer Bissell steamboost tray and disposable pads for pet messes, you would throw out instantly. Bissell symphony is best vacuum mop for hardwood floors for homes with pets.

Odor eliminating scent discs are also available that are inserted into mop pad to help remove smell of pet odors while steam cleaning. Further, you may use scent 100% de-mineralized waters in steam mop, leaving behind a fresh scent.

This product comes with 2 years of limited warranty and package box includes Bissell vacuum, one soft washable microfiber pad, one microfiber scrubby pad and detachable mop tray for everyday messes.


vacuum mop available in the market

Hoover floormmate deluxe hard floor cleaner gives deep cleaning while gently scrubbing sealed hardwood, vinyl, laminate and marble floor surfaces. Hoover cleaning solutions are recommended to deep clean quickly remove stubborn dust.

This machine uses dual tank technology making it easy to refill, rinse and empty. It enables you to leave behind traditional mop and bucket system, further you never have to push dirty water on floors again.

It features patented SpinScrub Brush technology that uses use 360 degree counter rotating, removable brushes that gently wash and scrub sealed wood, vinyl and tile floors from all angles giving deep cleaning.


best vacuum mop for hardwood floors
best vacuum mop for hardwood floors

Hoover washes and dry up cleaning surface in single go. Floormate washes with cleaning solution and sucks up dirty water in one motion, leaving behind shiny and dry floors.

This vacuum is safe for use on all sealed surfaces like hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, tile, marble and more. Hoover floormate is one of best vacuum mop for hardwood floors with a reasonable price tag.

Cleaning of vacuum cleaner easy, as tank, brush and nozzle are easy to remove and rinse for a hassle free clean-up.

In case of stubborn dirt, it offers boost cleaning mode with a finger tip, which applies extra detergent to clear stubborn stains and high traffic areas.


high quality vacuum mop

Bissell crosswave pet pro vacuums and washes floor at same time in single hassle free step. This machine takes care of dry and wet pet messes in your home including spills and pet hair. It performs pretty better than traditional bucket and sponge system and saves times too. Finger tips control offer easy switching between hard floor and area rug selection.

Multi-functional vacuum cleaner offers multi-surface cleaning options and makes it safe and effective to be used over tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, vinyl, area rugs and more.

Tangle free brush minimizes pet hair from wrapping around the brush and prevents tangling of hair while you clean. Further, it scrubs to remove debris effectively. Pet strainer separates pet hair and debris from liquid preventing sink blockage. Included pet multi-surface with febreeze formula helps in eliminating pet odors from floors.

Two tank technology separates cleaning solution from dirty water to ensure that a fresh mix of formula and water is always available to clean floors.

Special rinse and clean out storage tray help you easily clean the machine after cleaning cycle and it stores the brush rolls for next time. As per specifications and features, Bissell pet pro is one of best vacuum mop for multi-surfaces to take care of pet hair and messes.


ideal vacuum mop for hardwood floors

Roborack robotic vacuum cleaner uses modern technology and makes housekeeping convenient and smart. Smart vacuum remembers your living room, kitchen and empowers you to schedule cleaning cycles, sequences and set customized suction levels across multiple surface types.

This smart navigation is due to Lidar navigation system, it enables mapping of your entire home in real time, while Z shape cleaning ensures maximum floor coverage. Robotic vacuum and mop uses 32 bit quad core processor, and it finds the most efficient cleaning path for each room. Multi-level mapping system uses precision Lidar scanning to recognize different levels of home automatically. You may identify no go zones and no mop zones on every floor.

It comes loaded with several sensors like accelerometer, odometer, infra-red cliff sensor and compass. By using these sensors, a vacuum cleaner avoids stairs, takes care of valuables and finds its way out of trouble spots.

Robotic vacuum is not just a vacuum; it also functions for a mop. You just need to turn mopping unit on, adjust amount of water. You are all set to use vacuum in combination with mop. Water tank can store up-to 180 ml of water enabling it to mop 1610 sq.ft area.

Roborack offers powerful suction that effectively pulls dirt and pet hair from hardwood floors. Powerful suction is created by fan spinning at 15000 rpm and is channeled through advanced airflow system, that helps in maintaining constant suction. Automatic carpet boost adjusts suction for deep carpet cleaning. This makes roborack one of best robotic vacuum mop for hardwood floors and carpets.

This robotic vacuum cleaner supports alexa, sirri and google home commands like start cleaning, stop cleaning, status update and more. 

It is equipped with E-11 rated filter that is well capable of capturing 95% of allergens including pollen and mold. It helps in keeping home air fresh, clean and easy to breathe. Further, the filter is washable needing fewer replacements.

It has 5200 mAH battery capacity that makes it do cleaning tasks for 3 hrs covering an area of 2152 sq.ft. These results are based on hard floors with quiet mode incorporated.


top robotic vacuum mop for hardwood floors

ILIFE V5s pro is a 2 in 1 robot vacuum and mop. Sweeping system provides powerful suction in vacuum mode, while intelligent control on water tank assists in mopping. This robotic vacuum has been specifically designed to take care of hardwood floors. Powerful suction ensures effective picking up of pet hair, dust and debris easily. While mopping catches the grime and dirt on hardwood floors. This makes ILIFE V5s pro one of best vacuum mop for hardwood floors.

i-Dropping technology makes water tank stop dispensing water as robot vacuum stops from mopping, preventing mechanical overload and floor damage.

It is equipped with brushless motor, operational noise level is low and suction level is higher. I offer two suction modes to choose from. Normal mode gives 550 Pa and is effective on dust. While, max mode gives 1000 Pa for collection of beans and stubborn debris.

Robotic vacuum and mop for hardwood floors offers four cleaning modes and lets you choose the best suited for your application. Four modes include auto cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, schedule cleaning mode and spot cleaning mode.

Set of advanced sensors prevents robotic vacuum and mop bumping into furniture and walls. Cliff detection sensor prevents vacuum from falling-off stairs.

Slim design enables this machine to reach hard to access areas and clean hidden dust around corners and under furniture. It is capable of re-charging itself, after it detects that it is running low on battery.

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