Best Vacuum Cleaner under $150 in 2022

Nowadays, having a vacuum cleaner is not a luxury but it’s a need of each home. If you want your floor, furniture, window, ceiling, stairs, carpet, and car to be cleaned without any hassle, then you need a best performance vacuum cleaner. Most of the people these days don’t have enough time to perform daily house chores due to their hectic jobs, so a quality vacuum cleaner can provide those people a helping hand to get the cleaning work done conveniently. 

With the advancement in technology, new exciting features are being introduced in latest models of vacuum cleaners. Most of the vacuums these days include ultra-performance filtration system that captures pollens, dust, dirt, moisture, and even bacteria effectively. The increased suction power of these vacuums offers deep cleaning of carpets and removal of pet hair without any difficulty.

Which is the best vacuum cleaner under $150?

Nobody can deny the importance of vacuum cleaners these days, however selecting a best performance vacuum within affordable price range is problematic for some people. If you have not much budget and still you want a vacuum that fulfills all your daily requirements then you must go through this article. In this article, we have selected 6 best vacuum cleaners under $150.

Eureka Neu182B offers strong suction power that can lift stubborn and heavy debris without any hassle. This affordable vacuum cleaner can be used for all types of floors, its 12.6 inch nozzle helps to get the cleaning job done within less time. 

Eureka Neu182B is extremely lightweight upright vacuum cleaner, this cheap vacuum cleaner is easy to lift from one room to another or above the stairs due to its lightweight. Eureka Neu182B provides 5 height adjustment settings that enable this vacuum to clean low to medium pile carpets, shag carpets, high pile rugs, and hard floors conveniently.

Eureka Neu182B includes extra-large dust cup that have the capacity to hold more dust, dirt and debris, so it requires less frequent emptying of the dust cup. Moreover, the smooth wheels of this low cost vacuum cleaner ensure hardwood floors and tiles won’t sustain gouges and scratches. 

Neu182B vacuum includes a quick-release handle connected to the stretch hose for cleaning of window, ceiling, shelves and more. Furthermore, a 7-inch long crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery come with this vacuum cleaner that enable this vacuum to clean hard to reach areas and remove pet hair from the floor effectively.


  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • Height adjustment settings
  • Large capacity of dust cup
  • Quick release handle for above floor cleaning


  •  Not suitable for high pile carpets or rugs
  • Brush roller can’t be turn off

Best vacuum cleaner under $150

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet vacuum offers triple action brush roll, enabling this vacuum cleaner to loosen, lift and remove embedded dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair effectively. This economical vacuum cleaner cleans across carpets and hard floors without any difficulty.

The scatter-free technology of this vacuum helps to clean the hard floors with less debris scatter, while the multi-cyclonic suction system enables to keep dirt contained in the tank and also away from the motor, so that the motor last for longer period of time.

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet vacuum provides amazing swivel steering capabilities that make it easy to glide across your floors and clean around obstacles like furniture without any hassle. Moreover, there is very less effort required in cleaning of the dirt tank and you don’t need to require touch any filthy thing.

The filters used in Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet vacuum cleaner are washable, reducing a lot of maintenance cost. These filters have multi-level filtration system that traps all the dust, dirt and debris within the filters and they can be used again after washing.

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet vacuum includes pet TurboEraser tool that easily removes embedded pet hair, dirt, and dust from  stairs, upholstery, carpet and more that’s why this vacuum is considered as the best vacuum cleaner under $150.



  • Powerful pickup
  • Triple action brush roll
  • Scatter free technology
  • Edge to edge cleaning
  • Multi surface cleaning
  • Swivel steering


  • Not suitable for high pile carpets and rugs

Best vacuum under $150 mechoffice

Nequare S12 is powerful suction stick vacuum cleaner, it provides 175 W powerful suction to provide every cleaning demands. This inexpensive vacuum cleaner picks up dirt, dust, crumbs and debris in less time. It can be used for all kind of hard floors, carpets, windowsills, bed, sofas, curtain, desk and more. Moreover, the dirt engage technology of this vacuum cleaner uses flexible silicone fins for continuous cleaning contact on floors.

Nequare S12 offers two modes, it has 40 minutes of battery life with low mode. This vacuum cleaner includes one unique battery saving technology that ensures the suction of this vacuum always remain in a state of high power and low power loss. The large capacity dust cap of this economical vacuum cleaner can meet multiple cleanings. Moreover, the dust cup requires only one click to dump all of the dust without touching the garbage.

The filtering effect of this low cost vacuum cleaner is 40-60% better than the general vacuum cleaner. Nequare S12 includes multiple cyclones that help to  separate dust and air more effectively. It centrifuge through multiple filter holes to achieve perfect results and also prevent secondary pollution. 

Nequare S12 includes adjustable extension tube to meet different demands, enabling to adjust according to the user’s height and arm length. The detachable HEPA filter and honeycomb are washable of this vacuum cleaner, so you don’t need to worry about the dust accumulate in and block the vents. Furthermore, this best budget vacuum cleaner can be used between 0 to 90 degree to clean the bottom of furniture. 

The flexible floor brush of Nequare S12 swivels 150 degree sideways that lets you clean the house in all directions, increasing the maneuverability to clean corners and hard to reach areas. This best vacuum cleaner under $150 is suitable for hard floors and low pile carpets, however this vacuum cleaner should not be used for surfaces having water and high pile carpets. 



  • Washable filtration system
  • Adjustable extension tube
  • Self standing
  • Multi cone cyclone technology
  • Large capacity dust cup


  • Not suitable for high pile carpets and rugs
  • Not suitable for surface with water

mechoffice best cheap vacuum cleaner

Prettycare W100 is a lightweight stick vacuum for hard wood floors, medium pile carpets, marble hard floors, beds, curtains, stairs, interior of your car, etc. It produces powerful suction of up to 20 Kpa that enables this vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust, cereal crumbs, pet fur, cat litter, coffee beans, dog food and more. 

Prettycare W100 offers two speed levels that allows you to freely switch between highest mode 20kpa and standard mode 12kpa. This portable cordless broom vacuum is equipped with 180w motor. The latest stick extension design and 270 degree rotatable flexible brush attachment lets you to clean under the sofa and bed effortlessly. 

Prettycare W100 includes 4 stages of high efficiency HEPA filters  for home filtration that captures 99% of the microscopic dust while expels purified air for your home. The detachable HEPA filter is easy to clean under the tap after every use and can be used again once dry. Moreover, the 1.2L large dust container of this apartment vacuum cleaner can be emptied conveniently with an one-touch. 

This best budget stick vacuum cleaner  has two charging modes, it can be charged directly or you can remove the battery part from the compact vacuum cleaner and charge it separately. Moreover, the 2600mAh battery requires 4-5 hours to become fully charged and after getting fully charged, it provides up to 35 minutes cleaning operation that fulfills almost all your floor to ceiling cleaning needs.

Prettycare W100 also equipped with a LED brush roller that enables you to clean dark corners without any hassle. Moreover, the brush roller has an extra soft bristles that avoid scratches on hardwood floors that’s why it is considered as the best vacuum under $150.


  • 2 power modes
  • Wall mounted storage
  • Cord-free versatile
  • Rotatable flexible brush attachment
  • Easy empty dustbin
  • 2 charging modes


  • Not suitable for high pile carpets and rugs
  • Not suitable for surface with water

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vacuum under $150 in market

Nequare S181 is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner, it picks up dirt, dust, debris, pet hair etc. from multi surfaces. This vacuum cleaner offers quiet fresh air cleaning to your home. Nequare S181 has dual HEPA filtration system that captures all of the dust particles while giving out clean air for your home. These HEPA filters can be used after cleaning with water, however make sure HEPA filter must be dry refitting. 

Nequare S181 includes 600 w high powered motor that generates 20 kpa powerful suction. The stiff nylon bristles on the brush bar of this vacuum cleaner spin at high speed to agitate carpet pile and remove dust particles effortlessly. Moreover, the bristles never touch the floor to avoid scratches on hard floors. 

The 180 degree rotatable motorized brush makes it very easy to clean every corner of your house. Furthermore, its v-shaped design attachment brush makes this vacuum so flexible that even the toughest corners can be easily reached for cleaning. 

Nequare S181 is a self-standing vacuum device, so you won’t need to drill the bracket into the wall for hanging. You can stand this vacuum cleaner anywhere when you are tired. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner can be easily converted to a handheld vacuum for cleaning of sofa, car and stairs effortlessly. This affordable vacuum cleaner comes with a dusting brush and a crevice tool( for narrow places). 

Nequare S181 is extremely lightweight vacuum cleaner, so you can easily carry this vacuum cleaner throughout your home. Moreover, the led headlights of this vacuum enables to see and clean all the dust under the sofa and bed.


  • Self standing
  • Led headlights
  • Washable filtration components
  • Duel HEPA filtration system
  • Powerful suction


  • Not suitable for high pile carpets and rugs
  • Not suitable for surface with water

Best Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner: NEQUARE S26 Cordless Vacuum

Nequare S26 Cordless Vacuum picks up dirt, pet hair, and debris from multi surfaces. This vacuum cleaner has a 280W brushless digital motor that generates 26kpa powerful suction on max mode. 

Nequare S26 Cordless Vacuum has a LED display that shows vacuum performance in real time, roller bar tangled, battery power, and motor power level. This vacuum cleaner has 9 gears touch control suction, so the suction power level can change from 9kpa to 26kpa. Furthermore, you don’t need to pull the trigger all the time while using stick vacuum cleaner.

Nequare S26 Cordless Vacuum is self-standing machine. You don’t need to drill the bracket into the wall to hang this vacuum. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner has root cyclone technology, the root cyclone reduces bulk and weight of the dirt and prevents obstructions.

Nequare S26 Cordless Vacuum has 7-cell detachable battery and this battery is equipped with over voltage, over current, overheat and short circuit protection. The battery of this vacuum cleaner gives 40 minutes continuous runtime and this battery can also be charged separately. If you buy an extra battery, then you can get up to 80 minutes continuous runtime. 

Nequare S26 Cordless Vacuum had stiff nylon bristles on the brush bar that spin at very high speed to agitate carpet pile and dislodge dirt and dust particles. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner provides ultra-quiet cleaning to your family and pet.



  • LED display
  • Self standing
  • Touch Control Power
  • 280W power
  • 63db noise level
  • LED motorized floor head


  • Not suitable for high pile carpets and rugs
  • Not suitable for surface with water

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it spending on a cheap vacuum?

There are various vacuum cleaner brands available on the market in different prices. So, selecting a cheap vacuum cleaner that fulfills all your home cleaning needs is not an easy task. However, if you do  thorough research before buying a vacuum cleaner by reading all the reviews from customers and read all the specs given by the seller then you can definitely buy a worthy vacuum cleaner in low price.

What is the criteria to select quality vacuum cleaner under $150?

Strong Suction Power

First think you should consider before buying an affordable vacuum cleaner is its suction power, the suction power of a vacuum should have the capacity to pick up the dust, dirt and debris from all types of surfaces conveniently, whether it’s a hard floor or a carpet.


Most of the vacuum cleaners nowadays comes with accessories like upholstery, crevices tools, extension wand, motorized brush head etc. Some of these accessories are necessary to clean pet hair, cat litter and delicate surfaces, so if want vacuum cleaner for any specific need then make sure to buy such vacuum that comes with required attachments.

Filtration System

Select a cheap vacuum cleaner that is able to capture most of the dust particles while expels only fresh air to your home. Specially, if are more concern about allergens then make sure that the filtration system should be of top notch quality.

Adjustable height for carpet

Adjustable height for carpet feature enables to clean high and low pile carpets, area rugs conveniently. This feature is normally available in expensive vacuum cleaners, however if you get that feature under $150, then it will be a great benefit for you.


Noise level of vacuum cleaner is more important to consider when you have a baby or pet. Vacuum cleaners having 60 to 70 db noise level are considered quiet. Therefore, It is also necessary to keep in mind the noise of a vacuum cleaner before making any decision. Low noise level vacuums not only will provide you nice environment while cleaning but also enables you to focus on other tasks. 


If your home is double or triple storey, then you should buy a lightweight vacuum cleaner. The lightweight vacuum would be easy to move from one room to another room and also to lift the vacuum to upper storeys. Moreover, lightweight vacuum cleaner is also very suitable for cleaning of stairs.

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