10 Best Stick Vacuum for Tile Floors

Tile floors are a great way to create an indoor space that is both stylish and durable. However, these surfaces need special care in order for them not only last but also to look their best. A good vacuum will ensure the long-term maintenance of your flooring by removing any dust or dirt from between tiles while keeping it clean effectively without any hassle.

The best vacuum for tile floors is a diverse and complicated topic. There are many different types of vacuums, such as cordless, bagless, wet/dry, canister, or upright models that can be used on specific surfaces depending on the amount you need to clean your flooring each day while also taking into account any other factors like traffic in comparison with dust bunnies! However, the lightweight and easy-to-maneuver nature of stick vacuums makes them ideal for tile flooring. In this article, we have selected the best stick vacuum for tile floors that will work perfectly and provide excellent quality at an affordable price point.


Our top-rated Elezon E600 is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood and tile floors. Easy to carry around with its lightweight construction, it cleans faster and more thoroughly than any other brand on the market. Its 500W power motor provides 17000Pa strong suction that can get the job done effectively. The flexible rotating joint of floor head can reach into corners and under furniture, while the 17-28 inches adjustable extension tube helps to clean high places such as windows, ceiling, fans, and air conditioning unts. The dual position floor head of Elezon E600 is ideal to pick up dust, powder, dog food, and cat litter from the surface of hard floors. This monster has cyclonic HEPA filtration that not only protects the motor from dust but also expels purified air for your home that’s why it is considered as best corded stick vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.


  1. Elezon E600 has a 23ft long power cord making it possible to reach anywhere in the house without any hassle.
  2. The floor brush of this vacuum has dual position options. The ordinary mode retracts the bristles making it suitable for hard floors while the stubborn garbage mode extends the bristles to clean rubbish that sticks to the ground and is hard to clean.
  3. This stick vacuum with cord comes with long crevice tool and a brush nozzle that help to clean sofa gap, edges, fabric surface and narrow spaces.
  4. Elezon E600 is a best bagless stick vacuum cleaner because its one button allows you to empty the container filled with dirt and debris without getting your hands dirty.
  5. It contains cyclonic HEPA filtration system that provides clean air to your home.
  6. This vacuum has washable HEPA, sponge and honeycomb filters that can be detached and washed easily making it best HEPA filter stick vacuum.
  7. It is easy to store on the wall mounted bracket.

best stick vacuum for tile floor

This best stick vacuum with cord provides multi-floor cleaning with fingertip brush roll controls that enable the user to easily switch between carpet and hard floor.  Eureka Flash NES510 is a lightweight corded stick vacuum cleaner. It can easily convert into a portable hand vacuum, so you can clean tight spaces, stairs, curtains and even car interiors.


This best rated corded stick vacuum has an advanced swivel steering that helps to easily maneuver around furniture and tight spaces. The Led lights of this top rated corded stick vacuum cleaner illuminate the cleaning path that helps to clean dark corners of your home. Moreover, Eureka Flash NES510 is one of the best portable stick vacuum cleaner and it can be stored easily.


  1. Eureka Flash NES510 bagged stick vacuum provides powerful suction with 500 Watt motor.
  2. The length of the cord is 30ft and the dust cup capacity is 1L.
  3. This best affordable stick vacuum comes with portable storage base, crevice tool and 2-in-1 dusting brush.
  4. Eureka Flash NES510 is one of the best small stick vacuum that can easily transform into a handheld vacuum.
  5. This electric stick vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver with its advanced swivel steering.

Top rated stick vacuum

JASHEN V18 is the best lightweight cordless stick vacuum. The 350W digital motor of JASHEN V18 stick vacuum can drive stiff nylon bristles deep into carpets to capture ground-in dirt. The higher suction power makes it perfect for both hard floors and carpeted areas, so clean-up is easier than ever before! With its soft roller cleaner head, the V18 cordless vacuum is designed for hard floors and removes large debris with ease. It features extra-soft bristles that prevent scratches on your flooring while still being able to get rid of dirt all over it!

JASHEN V18 switch modes for hard and carpet floors. The hard floor mode moves the bumper with a soft roller and it removes large debris and dust particles with big opening in the front, whereas carpet mode moves the bumper with brush roll so that closed space creates more suction and direct-drive floor head clean deep into carpet effectively. Moreover, JASHEN V18 has 2500mAh battery capacity and this brushless stick vacuum provides 15 minutes of operation even in maximum mode. JASHEN V18 features an All-in-one LED display so you can easily see when the filter needs to be cleaned, the selected mode of vacuum, and the remaining power of the battery.


  1. JASHEN V18 has four stage fully sealed filtration system that captures 99.99% of fine dust particles.
  2. It includes 3 power modes to remove dust, debris and pet hairs effectively.
  3. This cordless stick vacuum comes with attachments like upholstery tool, soft roller, bristle roller, crevice tool, dusting tool and charging dock.
  4. This handstick vacuum cleaner has built-in dust sensor.

High Quality stick vacuum for tile floor

JASHEN V16 is the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors and carpets. The JASHEN V16 stick vacuum can drive stiff nylon bristles deep into carpets to capture ground-in dirt. The higher suction power makes it ideal for both hard floors and carpeted areas, so cleanup is easier than ever before! With its extra soft roller cleaner head the cordless vacuums are designed specifically with your needs in mind: cleaning up large debris quickly on a wide range of surfaces without scratching or damaging fragile materials such as wood flooring.

The dirt-lifting power of this vacuum is undeniable. With 4 stage fully sealed filters, you can be sure that all the fine dust and dry debris are captured in one swoop! The 2 microns filter must also be checked regularly for clogging so its performance doesn’t decrease over time due to accumulated grime buildup from daily use. Moreover, this top rated cordless stick vacuum cleaner has 7 cell loss free Lithium-ion battery.


  1. This most powerful stick vacuum has 350W strong motor.
  2. JASHEN V16 is top rated stick vacuum cleaner due to highly efficient filter system.
  3. This hardwood stick vacuum features an LED screen that shows how much battery is left and reminds you to clean the filter.
  4. This best battery powered stick vacuum provides up to 40 minutes runtime.

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stick vacuum for tile

This highest rated stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with an 80,000 rpm high-speed brushless motor. The powerful suction and wide power range allow it to remove all sorts of ground dust efficiently! In addition to the traditional 4 stages filtration system, this best value stick vacuum is also equipped with a high efficiency filter at its exhaust point. This way you can avoid secondary pollution and provide cleaner air to your home. This cordless upright stick vacuum is perfect for cleaning large rooms even if you have a 135 square meter room. It has 6*2200 mAh lithium batteries that allow it to run up 30 minutes. This best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair has a detachable battery that makes charging easy and hassle-free job. Moreover, this cord free stick vacuum is equipped with a 2-in 1 roller brush that eliminates the hassle of replacing it. This means you can use this vacuum for both hard and carpet floor. The mini vacuum cleaner weighs 2.6kg and can be easily switched from a hardwood floor vacuums to portable hand vacs so that you can easily clean your furniture, ceilings, curtains etc.


  1. This best 2-in-1 cordless stick vacuum has a 250W power motor that provides up to 20KPa suction.
  2. ZOKER A10 PRO is a good stick vacuum that provides up to 30 minutes runtime.
  3. This best stick vacuum cleaner for carpet and hard floor can easily be emptied with a click of a button.
  4. The Led headlights design of this best rated stick vacuum cleaner helps to clean the dust in dark places.

stick vacuum for tile floor available in the market

TOPPIN VC005 vacuum has a motor that’s powerful enough to handle hard floor, marble and tiles effectively. This best stick vacuum cleaner for pet hair features a wide mouth with special design grooves which allows for easy sucking without entanglement in hair or dirt clumps. TOPPIN stick vacuum cleaners have a foldable tube, swivel steering and lay-flat handle. These features make it easy for the elderly or those with joint pain to clean hard-to reach areas without bending over. Moreover, this best stick vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors has a 4 stages fully sealed filtration system. It also includes air outlet sponge, MIF, honeycomb that provides pure air for your family.


  1. TOPPIN VC005 is a 3 in 1 corded vacuum cleaner lightweight, foldable and powerful.
  2. This best stick vacuum for bare floors can easily convert to a handheld vacuum for floor to ceiling cleaning.
  3. The 0.8L large capacity dust cup of this strongest stick vacuum allows you to clean more area at once.
  4. TOPPIN VC005 has more direct airflow and less suction loss.

Mechoffice choice stick vacuum for tile floor

Eureka NEC101 is one of the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors. The lightweight and cordless design of this best suction stick vacuum allows us to perform the daily cleaning tasks effectively. Eureka NEC101 can easily be converted into a handheld vacuum making a lot easier for above floor cleaning. This best upright stick vacuum cleaner can easily switch from low to high power with the help of fingertip controls to increase the suction power for cleaning on carpets and rugs. Furthermore, the swivel steering of this best rated cordless stick vacuum cleaner helps to clean every corner and hard to reach areas without any hassle.


  1. Eureka NEC101 provides up to 30 minutes of runtime.
  2. This best cordless stick vacuum with handheld has a zero maintenance cost due to its washable filters.
  3. Eureka NEC101 is a best budget stick vacuum and comes with crevice tool and wall mount attachments.
  4. This vacuum provides 9.8 inches cleaning path.

best stick vacuum by mechoffice

Kenmore DS4020 is one of the best stick vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors. The 21.6 V Lithium ion battery provides up to 40 minutes of continuous runtime. This best 2 in 1 stick vacuum has a lightweight design making it a perfect choice for above floor cleaning. The 8000Pa powerful suction of this vacuum makes it the best stick vacuum for high pile carpet, tile, linoleum, and more. Moreover, this cordless bagless stick vacuum includes HEPA filters that capture 99.97% of dirt.


  1. The battery status meter of this wireless stick vacuum has a colorful LED lights that indicate battery and charge level, motor speed and more.
  2. It converts to handvac enabling us to clean tight spaces and upholstery effectively.
  3. This best stick vacuum for tile floor is easy to store and charge on wall mount hook.
  4. Kenmore DS4020 comes with wall mount hook, 3-in-1 combination tool and charging adaptor.

good quality vacuum

NEQUARE S181 is one of the best stick vacuum under 100, It generates 20KPa suction pressure that picks up dirt, dust and debris from multi surfaces. This self-standing vacuum is designed with 4-stages filtration system. This best inexpensive stick vacuum has stiff nylon bristles on the brush bar that spins at very high speed to agitate the carpet pile, besides this, the bristles never touch the floor to cause scratch on hard floor. NEQUARE S181 is lightweight making it easy for you to take this vacuum anywhere in your home without any difficulty.


  1. The rotatable motorized brush helps to clean every corner of your home.
  2. This best stick vacuum for vinyl floors can easily be converted into handheld vacuum making it a lot easier to clean sofa, stairs, car, curtains etc.
  3. NEQUARE S181 includes washable filtration components.
  4. The LED headlights of this vacuum cleaner help to clean each dark corner of your home.

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stick vacuum

Wowgo cordless vacuum is one of the best rechargeable stick vacuum cleaner. The 160W powerful motor of this vacuum provides strong suction and the 2600mAh lithium ion battery provides 20-40 minutes uninterrupted deep cleaning. This best cheap stick vacuum cleaner has fully sealed filtration system that separates clean air and dust without any leakage. Moreover, the triple turbine motorized brush of this stick vacuum cleaner is swivel enabling you to glide across all floors.


  1. The one-click emptying system of this vacuum cleaner allowing you to keep your hands away from the dust and debris.
  2. Wowgo cordless vacuum provides ultra-quiet operation.
  3. This vacuum cleaner provides 2 speed suction power (9KPa 40 minutes continuous cleaning and 12KPa 20 minutes deep cleaning).
  4. Wowgo cordless vacuum has 4 stages filtration system that captures dust particles up to 0.1 microns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vacuums good for tile floors?

If you need to vacuum your tile floor, make sure that the vacuum cleaner you use has a bare floor setting or is designed for hard floors. Vacuuming with a traditional vacuum can damage your beautiful tile and leave it looking scratched and worn out.

Is It Better to Sweep or Vacuum Tile Floors?

Vacuuming is a great way to keep your home clean, but according to some people sweeping can be even better. Sweeping creates 37 times more airborne dust than vacuuming and it can’t be used for hard cleaning of carpets.

On the other hand sweeping can clean every corner of your home without any attachments. You can get the cleaning job done without much noise with the help of sweeping. It doesn’t require electricity that helps you to save a lot of money. Moreover, few vacuums if not selected properly can damage the surface of tiles. 

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