Best Robot Vacuum for Tile Floors of 2022

We all are living in a 21st century where time is the most important and difficult thing to manage due to lot of commitments. A person needs to do extra effort to survive in the job market and if you are a businessman then you don’t have enough time to scratch even your head. People strive to find easy automated solutions to perform their daily tasks and house chores within less time, so they can give more time and energy to  their jobs and businesses. Robot vacuum is the most innovative, timesaving and laborsaving device of this century; this amazing automated machine can clean hard floors, carpets, area rugs and more on its own. The most astonishing thing about best robot vacuum for tile floors is that you don’t even need to be present inside the house while cleaning is being done by robot vacuums.

Robot vacuums can be used for all types of floors: hard wood, tiles, carpets etc. Moreover, this wonderful devices have the ability to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair and debris from the floor surfaces conveniently. With the help of app, we can even schedule the cleaning chore, as a result, these automated devices get the cleaning job done in that specified time only.  

What are the most important features of robot vacuums?

Before selecting a robot vacuum cleaner you need to consider the following features to get the maximum out of your valuable money.

Battery Life

Robot vacuum cleaners use rechargeable battery to perform household cleaning task. These devices get charge at their dock charging stations and after full charging these devices are ready to pick up the dust, dirt, debris and more. If the battery of robot vacuum cleaner is getting low then this device goes back to its dock charging station to recharge. The best thing about these vacuums is that they start their cleaning job from the same location it left off. Therefore, greater the capacity of rechargeable battery, the more it can clean the surface with one-time charge. 

Height and Size

If you are looking to clean the surfaces which are not easy to access, specially under the furniture, couches, dressers and more, then you must consider the height and size of the robot vacuum cleaner. The smaller the height and size of the robot vacuum cleaner, the more places it can go to clean the surfaces. The smaller size of the robot vacuum cleaner not only clean more spaces, but it can also be stored without getting much space.


The shape of the robot vacuum cleaner should also keep in mind before making any decision to buy a robot vacuum. Most of the robot vacuums available on the market are round in shape, so sometimes it’s very difficult to clean the 90-degree corners of the house. However, few vacuum cleaners are also available in D-shape that can be used to clean 90-degree corners and any other tight spaces of your home. 

Scheduled Cleaning

The cleaning cycle of robot vacuum cleaners can be scheduled in advance through the app. By using app, the robot vacuum cleaner can also be switched on and off for its routine cleaning thus converting your smartphone into a remote control for robot vacuum cleaner.

Dustbin Capacity

The capacity of dustbin is another key feature that should not be ignored. The greater the size of dustbin, the more cleaning sessions it can handle before needing a dump. However, if the robot vacuum cleaner dustbin capacity is very small, then you will have to empty the dustbin too often. 


Most of the robot vacuum cleaners have the sensors to map your home. It has the ability to determine the boundaries of each room making it possible to clean the every reachable inch of the house. Without mapping feature, robot vacuums tend to bum around and leave many corners uncleaned.


Some robot vacuums can mop and vacuum the floor at the same time. These robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with electronically controlled water tank. Latest robot vacuum cleaners are able to detect the carpet and stop the mopping function and at the same time increase the suction of vacuum for deep cleaning of carpets.

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What is the best robot vacuum for tile floors?

Coredy R300 provides 1400Pa super-strong suction for impeccable clean home. It can pick up almost every dirt, dust, debris and pet hair without any hassle. This automatic vacuum cleaner lets you schedule and customize cleaning preferences with remote control. The auto-adjust cleaning feature further maximizes the suction vacuum power up to 1700Pa to provide seamlessly cleaning of hard surface floors and short pile carpets.

Coredy R300 includes wet mopping function that combines with 1700Pa suction power to mop hard wood and tile floors. The 2.7 inch super slim design of this automatic self charging robot vacuum enables the device to clean under the furniture and hard to reach areas conveniently. Furthermore, the two large climbing wheels move effortlessly over the hedges and carpets to clean the daily messes.

Coredy R300 includes anti-collision and drop-sensing technology to avoid fall and scratches. Moreover, It automatically returns to dock charging station when its power get low ensuring the vacuum cleaner always remain charged and ready to vacuum.

This self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner contains 300ml dust bin that holds more dust and reduce the frequency for emptying the dust bin. Moreover, the combination of pre-filter and high performance filter effectively trap the dust and reduce the amount released back into the air to get flawless cleaning.

Coredy R300 is powered by 2600mAh Li-ion battery making it possible to provide constant cleaning work up to 110mins from a single full charge. This vacuum cleaner is considered as the best robot vacuum for tile floors.

Best robot vacuum by mechoffice

GOOVI D380 provides 1600Pa suction power that enables the vacuum to pick up dust, dirt and debris efficiently. This vacuum cleaner is ideal choice for hard floors and carpets. Smart movement system of this robot vacuum cleaner plans the optimal route for efficient and complete clean every time. Moreover, the drop sensor technology of this tile vacuum cleaner helps to avoid scratches and prevent from falling down the stairs. 

The cleaning mode of GOOVI D380 vacuum cleaner covers all types of floors. GOOVI D380 vacuum cleaner versatility satisfies different cleaning needs. Moreover, the two large wheels of this vacuum cleaner are designed to move easily from hard floor to carpet without any hassle. The pre-set vacuuming time feature of this automatic vacuum cleaner enables clean effortlessly while you are working, sleeping and not at home.

GOOVI D380 always return to charging station when its power is low so, always remain ready for thorough cleaning. The 2.83 inch low profile design enables this vacuum cleaner to pick up dust, dirt and hair under the furniture effortlessly. Furthermore, the ultra-high battery capacity of this vacuum runs continuously for up to 120 minutes making it ideal choice for big houses. 

GOOVI D380 gives ultra-quiet cleaning, up to 55db noise level. The dust cup capacity of this best vacuum for tile is 0.6L that’s why this vacuum is considered as the best robot vacuum for tile floors.

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Best Robot vacuum for tile

Bagotte BG600MAX is ideal for multiple surfaces; Its super strong 2000Pa suction power cleans hardwood floors, low-pile rugs and tiles. This best rated robotic vacuum cleaner includes built-in double sided brushes plus central brush to get best vacuuming effect.

Bagotte BG600MAX returns back to charging station automatically when its power goes below 20% so you don’t need to worry about its power. This best value vacuum cleaner includes extra large wheels therefore, it can exceed the threshold up to 0.63 inch enabling the robot vacuum cleaner to move from hard floor to carpet with ease.

The drop-sensing technology of multi-surface vacuum cleaner can detect the steps and stairs and prevent the vacuum from falling down. Moreover, the smart navigation system of this vacuum cleaner helps to detect obstacles and slow down the speed of vacuum cleaner in advance to avoid collisions. 

Bagotte BG600MAX includes optional cleaning modes that fits well in several cleaning areas and ensure an effortless cleaning while you are away from home or busy in other work. A user can set No-Go area on this innovative vacuum cleaner that restrict the vacuum to clean only specific areas.


top rated vacuum for tile

Eufy RoboVac 30C picks up dust and dirt with 1500Pa of suction power that provides spotless cleaning to your home. The 3 brushes of this robotic vacuum cleaner effectively loosen, extract and vacuum the dirt to give a superior clean. Moreover, the EufyHome app, Amazon Alexa and the Google assistant voice control-services help you to clean your home without any effort from you.

Eufy RoboVac 30C gives 100 minutes runtime enabling the vacuum cleaner to clean the complete home in just single charge. This compact vacuum cleaner uses drop sensing technology to avoid falling down stairs. Moreover, its specialized dual hall sensors help this robotic vacuum cleaner to detect boundary strips so, it can be ensured to clean the area you want.

Eufy RoboVac 30C includes 9-infrared sensors that help to avoid bumping into obstacles therefore, you can get non-stop cleaning without any effort from you. Furthermore, Its advance brushless motor significantly reduces noise making it an ideal choice for baby and pet.

This robot vacuum cleaner uses wifi for connectivity and 2nd Gen BoostIQ technology. Moreover, its large wheels provide non-stop cleaning by rolling over the carpet and door ledges to clean the mess making it best robot vacuum cleaner for tile floors.

Best vacuum for tile in the market

Eufy RoboVac 11S picks up dust and dirt efficiently with the help of 1300Pa suction power. The boostIQ technology of this best rated vacuum cleaner increases suction power within 1.5 seconds whenever extra cleaning is required. Moreover, the large wheels roll over carpets and climb over door ledges to clean the messes without any hassle. 

The drop-sensing technology prevents this vacuum from falling down stairs and off of ledges. Moreover, the automatic vacuum cleaner returns to charging station when its power is low so, this vacuum is always charged and ready to clean the floor. 

The triple-filter system of this best performance vacuum cleaner consist of dual-layer filter and one high performance filter to get a clean home. Furthermore, the height of this light vacuum is 2.85 inch enabling this device to go under the bed and sofas without any hassle.

For Optimal Use: It is best to use that vacuum cleaner for low to medium pile carpet, tile, laminated and hardwood floors.



Not suitable for high pile carpets and very dark colored floors

Try to move cables out of the way to avoid entanglement

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a robotic vacuum cleaner last?

It’s really hard to predict how long will a vacuum cleaner will last; the life expectancy of a robot vacuum cleaner depends on many factors. However the brand of your robot vacuum cleaner and how much frequently you do maintenance of your vacuum are the two most important factors who determine the life of your robot vacuum cleaner. Normally, a good quality robot vacuum cleaner lasts 3 to 6 years; nonetheless, if you take care of few things then it can last a lot more than this.

  • Robot vacuum cleaner brush can be tangled with pet long hair, debris and other long fibers so you need to clean the brush one or two times in a month to get optimal efficiency
  • Most of the robot vacuum cleaners contains 2 to 3 filters, including an exhaust filter which is designed to prevent dust released back into the atmosphere and a pre-motor filter that is designed to protect the motor from dust and dirt particles
  • Whether you have bagged or a bagless vacuum cleaner, make sure you don’t let the bag fill with dust and dirt particle. Otherwise, this dust can clog the inner workings of a vacuum cleaner, including its motor, that may cause the dust and other particles being emitted back into the air you breathe
It is also recommended sometimes to supplant the robot vacuum cleaner batter after 2-3 years or whenever you feel that it’s not cleaning as much as it used to.

What is the best robot vacuum with cliff sensor for thick carpet?

The iRobot has launched a new innovative Roomba i7+ which provides clean base automatic dirt disposal that takes cleaning convenience to a whole new level. It also provides cliff detection sensors, auto power down, automatic recharge, and other advanced sensors enabling this vacuum to clean all types of floor: tile, hardwood, stone, carpets etc.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive vacuum cleaner?

Normally cheap products exhibits low performance and don’t work efficiently. However, you can’t say that all cheap products are not reliable, there are many reliable products available on the market that will cost you very low. So, before buying any robot vacuum cleaner you must read reviews from different buyers and check that all the features are available in your selected product. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind all the features that all expensive robot vacuums are offering to get the high quality vacuum. Below is the list of useful features that all expensive robot vacuum cleaners are offering

  • Self-charging 
  • Advanced sensors to prevent falling from stairs
  • App integration feature
  • Schedule the routine cleaning 
  • Ultra high battery capacity
  • Powerful suction
  • Smart movement system to avoid obstacles

How often do you use your robotic vacuum?

The usage of your robot vacuum cleaner depends on many factors; first thing you need to consider is that what sort of floor do you have, whether you have a carpeted floor, hardwood floor, tile floor etc. Normally, hard floors are easy to clean, on the other hand, carpets require more suction power for deep cleaning. Secondly, if you have pets in your house then there is more likely that your floor get a lot of pet hair as a result, you would require cleaning of floor more frequently and specially if you have a baby in your home then to provide extra clean environment you will utilize your robot vacuum more often. Thirdly, if you are living in a town where contamination outside of your home is high then you will definitely use your robot vacuum cleaner a lot more.

Are robotic vacuum cleaners effective for a big house?

Yes, definitely Robotic vacuum cleaners can be used for large houses; they can navigate efficiently in your home without any hassle. However, the  continuous runtime and navigation capability of robot vacuum cleaners matter a lot if you want a big house to be cleaned effectively. Nonetheless, there are such robot vacuums available on the market that are ideal for big houses. 

What is the function of magnetic strips in robot vacuum cleaners?

Magnetic strips are used to create custom vacuum spaces for robot vacuum cleaners. You put this magnetic strip at the entrance where you don’t want your vacuum cleaner to go for cleaning. So, when the robot vacuum cleaner comes in contact with this magnetic strip or magnetic barrier, the robot vacuum will turn around and go back the other way.

How can I control robot vacuum cleaner with Alexa?

Alexa is an innovative device that is designed by Amazon. This smart device is used to set reminders, play music, search the internet, answer questions and control many smart home devices. Moreover, Alexa works with simple voice command. 

If you enable Alexa skill of your robot vacuum cleaner, then you can operate your robot vacuum with the echo. In order to fulfil this, you need an android phone that has Google assistant on it and for an iphone you require Google assistant app. After connecting your robot vacuum cleaner to Google, the Google assistant will be able to control your robot device.

What is boost IQ technology in robot vacuum cleaners?

Boost IQ technology is a special feature in robot vacuum cleaner that automatically increases the suction power within 1.5 seconds when the robot vacuum feels that extra power is required to achieve flawless cleaning.

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