Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair


From cheering up your day to energize your day and from making you happy to making you busy, pets add so much in our lives! Whether you have a kitty or a tommy, when it comes to shed hairs they add a work load in your lives. However they give you motivation to get out from the house and exercise. Everything is cool about pets but cleaning pet hair is one the big challenges a pet owner face and a vacuum as well. Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair that picks up all the hair from the carpet and floor efficiently is a difficult task. It is because of the static electricity that makes your cat or dog hair stuck and clings so tightly in fabrics or floor and on carpeting or upholstery that sometimes more suction power is also not enough to pick up the pet hair.

If you are looking for the best pet hair vacuum cleaner and if you are new in the market for buying it then choose the lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hair so that will be easy for you carry and to clean the mess. In various labs different types of best pet hair vacuum cleaner are tested to find out the best ones which include HEPA filter vacuums, stick vacuums, canister vacuums, robot vacuums and hand held vacuums.

On customers’ satisfaction, a few of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for pet hair are discussed below in this article. You may have a look on them to get an idea to buy the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Canister Vacuum


This blizzard CX1 cat & dog canister vacuum is the powerful and German-engineered bag less vacuum. It is one of the best light weight vacuum cleaners that have turbo brush to remove pet hair and lint reliably. With its flexible parquet twister it remains gentle on delicate hard floors. The CX1 cat & dog canister vacuum has a radius of 33 feet that provides easy and effortless vacuuming of larger areas. This is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hair that deep cleans your carpet with its electro brush to provide optimum care to your carpets.

The electro brush floorhead has a five- level height for different types of carpet heights, ranging from low-high pile. You can adjust the setting by simply step on the located lever on the electro brush. An additional handheld turbo brush accessory is also included in the blizzard CX1 cat & dog canister vacuum. The additional handheld electro turbo brush is good for cleaning of pet hairs from the upholstery. The HEPA filter present is a life time filter present in this best bagless  vacuum cleaner which is maintenance free and with this another filter called Gore Clean-Stream Fine Dust filter is also present that ensures top-notch filtration.

The cloud of the fine dust particles that comes into the vacuum’s dustbin, you don’t have to worry about the backing up of dust particles while emptying the dustbin. It is because of the click2open hygienic emptying. At the touch of a button, the container present in the vacuum automatically empties down. The blizzard CX1 cat & dog canister vacuum has a powerful cleaning performance on floors and carpets because of the powerful vortex technology present in the vacuum. This powerful vortex technology provides the deepest cleaning of delicate hardwood floor surfaces, carpets and rugs as much as possible. The switch different power suction settings are specific to the surface that is cleaned via Rotary Dial. The vortex technology creates powerful cleaning performance with the air flow of more than 100km/h that ensures the perfect picking up of coarse, dirt and all fine dust particles and pet hairs as well.

High quality accessories include an upholstery nozzle, a crevice nozzle and a dusting brush. These are all integrated in the canister vacuum. The Gore Clean-Stream filter cleans itself automatically. The innovative dust separation separates the coarse soiling and the dust particles separately without unsetting the dust.  These high quality accessories are stored dust free inside the appliance. The CX1 canister vacuum also has four swivel wheels


best lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hair

It is recommended the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hairs including all types of surfaces in which come hard and soft carpets, bare floors, hard floors and stairs etc. it has plus/minus step down suction pedals for easy and fine suction of dirt and dust particles consisting of six power settings.

It is lightweight and quieter as compared to other models of canister vacuums. This marin has a life span of average 20 year. It has powerful and amazing 1200 watt vortex motor. It is a champ in picking and cleaning of large amounts of pet hairs and also deep cleans all types of carpeting surfaces. It is also perfect in restoring and deep cleaning of crushed carpeting nap on all types of carpeting. The power driven 10 ½” brush head which is wide and electronic comes with swivel neck and is best for low to medium pile carpets.

This best vacuum cleaner for pet hairs has a cleaning radius of 36-foot and is 2lb lighter that other models of canister vacuums. This best pet hair vacuum cleaner helps reduce pet smell and also while filtering the air. Also, if you are allergic to dust or asthma sufferer, then it is the perfect choice because it has the AirClean sealed system construction, so it is the best choice for your homes. It has a parquet floor brush comes with miele SBB300-3 designed for the cleaning of flat surfaces, under baseboards, low under furniture surfaces that are tight and around the chairs, having 90 degree of rotation angle. This brush goes everywhere around all corners.

It has HEPA filtration system that keeps the ambient air fresh and clean. The electro brush also has LED lightening. It also has integrated upholstery nozzle, crevice tool and a dusting brush. This canister vacuum also has a Miele AirClean bag with Type-G/N dust bag.

This vacuum cleaner for pets has auto suction settings that automatically adjust suction to surface height. Thus vacuum is the best suitable for all types of floors in your home whether it is etc. Effortlessly cleans all pet hairs under and around furniture surfaces also.


Mechoffice lightweight vacuum cleaner

This best lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hair is unique in its 3 in 1 designs. It is capable of transforming itself into 3 different vacuum cleaners with its wonderful features to keep the demands for owning pets. This best vacuum cleaner for pets has the most powerful cord in the miele’s models. This best vacuum cleaner for pet is easy to reach on hard to reach areas like ceilings.  This cordless triflex vacuum can capture embedded fur, dust and dander because of its vortex motor technology. With this technology no pet hair or dust particle would escape.

The miele triflex cat & dog vacuum cleaner does not let your furniture to be ruined by colors of your pets. If you find the marks of your pet anywhere on your furniture or car and anywhere else, use this bet light weight vacuum cleaner for pet hair on the mark. This vacuum cleaner for pet has an exchangeable VARTA Li-Ion battery with 60 minutes of run time. The miele triflex hx1 cat & dog has a LED light in its rod for the detection of pet hair and effortless cleaning of all hairs including dust and dander. This best light weight vacuum cleaner for pet hair also has a wide cleaning electro brush for easy cleaning.

This best vacuum cleaner for pet hair has a strong HEPA filtration system that never compromises in quality when it comes to cleaning. The multi floor extra large electro brush ensures you to adjust the brush head in to different surfaces to get the best clean possible.

The miele triflex cat & dog has an excellence in guarantee because it is German engineered with excellent cleaning and guarantee haul. Along with the pet hairs, it will pick up the stuff you cannot believe is still in your carpet. The headlight in the brush will show you the stuff you can’t believe is on your wood floor.

The maintenance free life time HEPA filter has the capacity to clean to clean dust, dander and pet hair with 99.999% of filtration efficiency. If you a allergy sufferer its is ideal for you plus if you are a fan of owning a pet then it is perfect for your homes. You do not have to press the button continuously to start the vacuum cleaner. Just switch on the button one time without continuous finger compression. So don’t worry if your tommy or your kitty or any other furry pet starts to jump on your furniture or couch or your sofa. Because with this best pet hair vacuum cleaner, you are covered


vacuum cleaner for pet hair mechoffice

It is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hair having agile design and performs powerful action in picking up pet hairs. This best pet hair vacuum cleaner does a pretty good job in cleaning pet hairs without letting any hair to be knotted up in the roller. It is because it consists of a pet hair tool that prevents pet hair to get tangled in the brush. It can nicely clean all pet hairs under the furniture and around the corners of the furniture also. Along with pet hairs it can pick long human hairs as well. Its power rating is 7 amps. You don’t need to touch anything while emptying because of the cyclonic pet hair spooling system. This best vacuum cleaner for pets has a smart seal allergen system with optional febreze filter that traps dust and allergens that you are allergic with and eliminates bad odor and make your rooms and homes feeling fresh and clean.

This best lightweight vacuum cleaner has specialized tools that include like LED crevice tool, pet turbo eraser tool and 2 in 1 pet dusting brush. This light weight vacuum cleaner has tangle free brush that helps eliminating annoying hair wraps. The Bissell pet hair turbo plus has a powerful edge to edge suction for perfect cleaning of low to high pile carpets, rugs and hard surfaces with brush roll on and off features and fingertip suction control. The HEPA filtration system is not completely sealed so some of the dust could seep back but if you are asthma or any allergy sufferer this Bissell hair eraser turbo plus vacuum cleaner is good and this should not create any problem to you.


lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hair in the market

This lightweight pet friendly vacuum cleaner having sleek design is designed all the areas and surfaces including your entire home, car, kitchen den or garage and  comes with a weight of less than 20 pounds. This best light weight vacuum cleaner for pet hairs has a swivel steering which is very easy and pleasant to move around all over the house. This amazing swivel steering feature makes it easy to move through tight and narrow spaces an easy task.  All the features of this best light vacuum cleaner for pet hairs is so easy that you have to just attach one of the many attachments and press the button and you can clean anything with this light weight canister vacuum that comes in your path.

This best lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hair has a 26 inch cord which is retractable. Accessories include brush, crevice tool, bare floor tool and 2 pieces HEPA bags. All of these attachments explains their quality itself and allow you to easy clean your rooms, floors carpets and the spaces that are tight and around corners of furniture. The crevice tool of this best light weight vacuum cleaner for pet hairs helps to reach narrow and tight spaces and the bare floor tool of this best vacuum cleaner for pets helps in amazing cleaning of bare floors of your homes.

There is a two-motor system that is built-in this canister vacuum which provides a tremendous amount of suction power. This suction power of this best light weight vacuum cleaner for pet hair remove dirt, dust and debris very efficiently. This light weight canister vacuum has also 4 height adjustment that provides optimal air flow and cleaning efficiency for any surface. The powerful cleaning and aluminum telescopic wand lengthens to 9.5 feet and reaches to the areas where access is difficult and cleaning is difficult. This wand cleans such areas very perfectly. For cleaning of car interiors, furniture and narrow spaces, detachable handle are very useful.

More often than not, while using this canister vacuum, you will be relying on the nine-foot vacuuming wand. With this vacuuming wand, you can easily reach just about any surface or space. Removing the dirt, dust, and debris on and within those spaces is exceptionally easy, due to the flexibility this canister vacuum gives you access to.

This best light weight vacuum cleaner has advanced filtration system that traps 99.9% of strains, trapping dirt inside the vacuum.


vacuum cleaner for pet hair

This best lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hairs is Dyson’s most powerful and most intelligent vacuum cleaner that twice the suction of any cordless vacuum cleaner. The technology of this best light weight vacuum cleaner for pet hair helps creates a healthier homes because vacuums and purifiers are scientifically proven to capture particles and make your homes allergens and bacteria free.

This best vacuum cleaner for pet hair has three suction settings that include Eco, Auto and Boost. Eco and Boost mode are the weakest and strongest settings, respectively. Similar to the V15, Auto mode allows the V11 to self-adjust suction as you clean. However, instead of using a dust-particle sensor, the V11 detects the type of floor (hard or carpet) it’s gliding on to adjust its suction accordingly. The V11 retails for $600 (around $100 less than the V15), and aside from how they adjust suction, both models have a similar design, weight and battery life. The V11 doesn’t include Dyson’s anti-tangle hair tool, but it does have a mini motorized tool that’s ideal for removing deeply embedded pet hair.

The Dyson V11Vis engineered for the cleaning of whole home which includes tools, suction power so efficiently to deep clean all surfaces of your home. It has the right balance of runtime when you need it. This best light weight canister vacuum for pet hair intelligently optimizes suction and runtime across all types of surfaces to pick up all pet hair, dust, allergen particles and bacteria. If your home is large with pets, this vacuum cleaner for pet hair has a run time of about upto 1 hour. This light weight vacuum cleaner has a torque head that automatically adapts suction power for deep cleaning of homes.


best robotic vacuum for pet hair

For households with multiple pets, or just one pet that sheds a whole lot, a robot vacuum could ease your cleaning load. But not all robot vacuums are equipped to handle hair embedded in carpet floors. Their dust bins can also fill up pretty quickly and cause the robot to lose suction power.

The iRobot Roomba i7+ can handle both of these issues, providing impressive suction capacity and a self-cleaning system. It includes Roomba’s Clean Base, a charging dock that doubles as a dirt bin. Every time the robot’s dust bin is full, the i7+ will automatically its way to the Clean Base where the contents get sucked into a disposable vacuum bag. Once the bin is empty, the i7+ will continue cleaning where it left make its way to the Clean Base where the contents get sucked into a disposable vacuum bag. Once the bin is empty, the i7+ will continue cleaning where it left off.

This vacuum cleaner has the complete control of your clean with smart mapping and knows all the areas to clean and avoid without any effort.

It is one of best lightweight robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Miele’s lightest vacuum for pet hair?

Miele’s branded vacuums are the most trusted vacuum cleaners in households around the world. There are many Miele vacuums including canister or bagged or upright and bag less etc for pet hairs and hard floors and carpets from thick to thin. This company has a wide selection of its products. However, Trifex HX1 raised the bar, raised the bar with its battery performance and superior cleaning ability for the whole house in which carpets, rugs, and hard floors included.

Are pet vacuums worth it?

Yes. The pet vacuum cleaners have many advantages. With help of these vacuum cleaners pet hair cleaning is not a problem anymore. Now if your cat or your dog jumps on couch or furniture and sheds the hair then picking up of these hairs with the pet vacuums have become so easy because of their unique features.

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