Best Cordless Vacuum Under $100

Do you have a small house, condo, or apartment? If so, the best cordless vacuum under $100 is really going to come in handy. It can be difficult to find these vacuums because there are only a few on the market that are good quality and priced at less than $100. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners for people with smaller living spaces!

Following are the best cordless vacuums you can buy for less than $100:

The Dirt Devil Power Swerve Pet Lightweight Cordless Stick Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect vacuum for pet owners. It has a swivel steering design that makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and under beds. The 16V Lithium Battery is fade-free and provides faster charging, while the built-in headlights help you clean in dark areas. The .7L dirt cup capacity means fewer trips to empty the dirt and with an odor trapping carbon filter, you can reduce odors from your home that it’s why this vacuum cleaner is considered as the best cordless vacuum under $100.

Features of Dirt Devil Power Swerve Pet Vacuum

  1. The Dirt Devil Power Swerve Pet vacuum cleaner is lightweight, cordless, and has a swivel head making it easy to maneuver.
  2. It’s perfect for pet owners with allergies because it doesn’t require bags or filters.
  3. The power swerve pet vacuum also includes an LED light so you can easily see dirt on your floors in dark areas of your house.
  4. You’ll never have to worry about losing power thanks to the Lithium-Ion battery.

best cordless vacuum under $100

The Wowgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner in its class. With a detachable battery, you can use it for 40 minutes to clean your home. It’s equipped with a 4-stage filtration system and HEPA filter which will help you remove all kinds of dust particles from your home. The motorized brush with LED light will provide you with a more thorough cleaning experience while the 2-speed suction power offers deep thorough cleaning. What’s more, It features an adjustable metal tube that enables us to clean vacuum curtains, ceilings, and high surfaces.

Features of Wowgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  1. The WOWGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful stick vacuum cleaner that can be used as a handheld vacuum or upright vacuum.
  2. The cordless design means you can use it to clean other rooms in your home without having to unplug and move the machine around.
  3. It has a 160W motor, so it’s more powerful than most other stick vacuums on the market.
  4. It includes a crevice tool and dusting brush for getting into tight spaces like under furniture, couches, and beds.
  5. You also get an extra battery with the purchase of this product – just charge one at home while using the other out in the field.

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The vacuum cleaner is a 6 in 1 stick bagless vacuum cleaner. It can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning hard-to-reach places, such as stairs and curtains. It has 160W strong power and 2 suction modes (8Kpa / 15Kpa). Moreover, the brushless motor makes it ideal for all floor types and surfaces. It has an ultra-lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry around the house or take on vacation with you. All accessories are included, so you can clean your entire home without having to worry about purchasing any additional tool.

Features of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 6 in 1 Stick Bagless Vacuum

  1. This cordless vacuum cleaner has 6 in 1 versatile uses
  2. The cordless design is convenient for cleaning up any messes on the go, and it’s lightweight so you can easily carry it around your home with ease
  3. Stick bagless vacuums are perfect for quick cleanups – just grab them out of a closet or under the kitchen sink and get to work! 
  4. No need to worry about cords getting tangled or stuck underneath furniture – this cordless vacuum cleaner will have your house looking spotless in no time! 
  5. It offers 5-stage cyclonic filtration system.

top rated cordless vacuum under $100

The right tool for the job is a must. This Black+Decker handheld vacuum cleaner has up to twice the suction power than our leading hand vacuum and its lightweight design makes it easy to use without bulky or tangled cords. Perfect for cleaning dirt, crumbs, cereal, and other small messes with 11oz of dirt bowl capacity. The washable clear dirt bowl makes it easy to see when the vacuum cleaner is full and helps prevent clogs so you can clean more efficiently. Wall mountable charger offers convenient storage to keep your home organized and free of clutter.

Features of beyond by BLACK+DECKER Cordless dustbuster - Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  1. The dustbuster is lightweight and easy to use
  2. It has a long battery life
  3. Has two speeds for different surfaces – high speed for hard floors and low speed for carpets or rugs
  4. It’s perfect for cleaning up pet hair 
  5. Easy to store

High quality vacuum under $100

Black+Decker Cordless Hand Vac has strong suction and fade-free power. The hand vac can hold a charge for up to 18 months when off the charger. It is lightweight enough to tackle quick pick-ups around the home.

The Flip-Up Brush provides added versatility, while the Crevice Tool reaches into tight spaces with ease. Included Washable Filter keeps your air clean as you vacuum, and it’s easy to remove and rinse under running water. The translucent bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to see and empty. A 4-hour fast charging base means you are always ready to clean with this handheld vacuum.

Features of BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless,

  1. The BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum is lightweight and designed for easy portability
  2. With its cordless design, this vacuum offers convenience and mobility so you can clean anywhere in your home, even if there’s no outlet nearby!
  3. It includes washable dirt bowl
  4. This handheld vacuum is easy to empty

cordless vacuum under $100 by mechoffice

The VacLife Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner that can be used in your house, car, stairs and etc. It is cordless so it can clean everywhere without being restricted by the power cord.

This product comes with 2 attachments to help you clean different areas of your home. The brush tool helps to remove food debris, paper scraps, or cigarette ashes easily while the crevice nozzle tool provides deep cleaning on your home and car. The LED light helps you to clean in dark places or at night. You can charge this product in almost 2-3.5 hours.

Features of VacLife Handheld Vacuum, Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless

  1. VacLife Handheld Vacuum is lightweight and easy to use
  2. It features an LED light indicator, which helps you know when the battery gets fully charged
  3. Its handheld design means you can take it anywhere without having to worry about carrying around bulky equipment
  4. This vacuum cleaner provides 20 minutes runtime
  5. The high power motor of this vacuum produces low noise

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Mechoffice choice cordless vacuum under $100

Bissell’s Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum is the pet hair cleaning tool that will help you get rid of pet hair embedded deep into carpeting, upholstery, and hard-to-reach places. This innovative vacuum features a motorized brush tool that helps remove embedded dirt and pet hair. The 14V lithium-ion battery provides cordless convenience with enough power to clean for 17 minutes before needing another charge. Furthermore, the triple-level filtration system helps to improve the cleaning performance of this vacuum.

Features of BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

  1. The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium-Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum is a lightweight vacuum that can be used to clean up pet hair, crumbs, and other small messes
  2. It features a rotating brush for picking up pet hair from carpet or furniture with ease
  3. This cordless vacuum has a lithium ion battery that lasts longer than traditional batteries 
  4. A sleek design makes this product easy to store in any closet or drawer without taking too much space

vacuum under $100

The Bissell AEROSLIM cordless vacuum is the ultimate in versatility. It’s small enough to store, clean and charge anywhere – even in your car or office. The Lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 minutes of power for quick cleanups almost anywhere. Compact enough to store, clean, and charge in your car or office. 2-in-1 Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush store together with hand vacuum on one stand, so they’re always ready to clean. Charging is convenient and versatile with the standard charger and included a USB charging cable.

Features of BISSELL AeroSlim Handheld Vacuum

  1. The AeroSlim cordless hand vacuum is powerful enough to clean up everyday messes, but compact enough to store in your car or office. It’s the perfect size for cleaning stairs and small spaces like cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and more
  2. SMALL BUT MIGHTY , 2-in-1 Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush store
  3. It includes washable filters and reusable filters
  4. The dirt bin can be easily emptied

ideal cordless vacuum under $100 available in the market

The DEWALT Cordless Vacuum, 20V MAX, wet/dry is the right tool for all your cleaning needs. This vacuum comes with a 1/2 gallon tank that’s easy to empty and clean. The rubber hose provides durability and flexibility while the HEPA filter traps 99.97% of dust at 0.3 microns for cleaner air in your home or workplace.

This cordless vacuum has two modes; one mode uses the front utility nozzle while the other extends out into a long rubber hose allowing you to reach high places without any hassle.

Features of DEWALT Cordless Vacuum

  1. The DEWALT 20V MAX CORDLESS VACUUM is the best choice for cleaning up messes in your home, office, or school.
  2. This amazing cordless vacuum can handle all sorts of harsh surfaces from carpet to hardwood floors without any problem!
  3. It features a GORE Hepa Wet/Dry Filter that captures 99% dust at 0.3 microns
  4. Its extendable rubber hose perfects when getting rid of debris on furniture plus its easy disposal system makes this tool a perfect choice

cordless vacuum

The BLACK+DECKER BDH2000L Dustbuster Hand Vacuum is the perfect cordless vacuum for quick cleanups around your home. The slim nozzle adjusts to fit in tight spaces and removes dirt with cyclonic action. The easy-empty dirt bowl has a translucent side so you can see when it’s full, and it holds 20.6 oz of debris. A washable filter helps keep dirt out of the motor, extending its life; the ready indicator light lets you know when it gets fully charged. This handheld vacuum cleaner cleans hardwood, tile, marble, carpets and rugs within no time at all that’s why it is considered as the best cordless vacuum under $100.

Features of BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

  1. The BLACK+DECKER BDH2000L Dustbuster Hand Vacuum is the perfect vacuum cleaner for quick cleanups.
  2. The nozzle can fit in small places and removes dirt with cyclonic action.
  3. There is a clear side on the dirt bowl that tells you when it is full, and it holds 20.6 oz of dirt.
  4. This vacuum cleaner contains removable and washable bowl filter simply rinse under running water
  5. This handheld vacuum cleaner has the capacity to hold its charge for up to 18 months when unplugged

Frequently Asked Questions

Are handheld vacuums worth it?

Are handheld vacuums worth it? Should you even bother with them at all? This is a question that many people ask themselves, but the answer is actually quite simple if you know what to look for. There are three main things you need to think about when deciding whether or not a handheld vacuum cleaner will be worthwhile in your home:

1) Does your home have floors that require vacuuming on a daily basis?

2) Is there an area of the house where pet hair accumulates easily (e.g., sofa)? 

3) Do you want to save time and effort by doing multiple jobs with one tool?

Are Cordless vacuums worth it?

Most of us enjoy the convenience of cordless vacuums. They are small, lightweight and easy to use. But how much do they really clean compared to a corded vacuum? And are they worth it?

Cordless vacuums come in two different types;  handheld or stick/upside down style.  Some manufacturers also offer combined units that incorporate both into one machine.

Most functional handhelds will provide about 20-30 minutes of run time (on average). Stick style units will usually last around 40-60 minutes. Both styles work best on hard floors and low pile carpeting, however stick models can be used for high pile carpets as well. Most cordless units don’t have the suction power of their corded counterparts; however, they do perform better overall than most people give them credit for.

The first question asked by many people is whether the convenience of having a cordless vacuum outweighs any limitations it might have. For example, can an average-sized room easily be cleaned with one? Cordless stick-style units are great for quick pickups and cleaning up small messes around the house. They’re especially useful if you have little kids that tend to spill things.


We’ve put together this guide to help you find the best cordless vacuum under $100. Our recommendations are based on what we think is currently the best cordless vacuum, but there may be other options out there that might work better for your specific needs. If you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis of all available products or want information about budgeting, please ask us any time! 

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