Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Carpet

Canister vacuums are worth considering vacuum models as they do an excellent job in cleaning carpets as well as if your house has a mix of heavy carpets, stairs and bare floors then a canister vacuum is the best choice.

Canister vacuum cleaners are the part of cleaning of almost every other facility that can clean a variety of surfaces and debris that need to be vacuumed on a regular basis. The best part about canister vacuums is their weight that is evenly distributed between two wheels, the canister itself and the power head. The two wheels help the vacuum to move easily wherever you want plus they have a long wand that helps to clean dirt under the furniture, different types of floors and debris.

They are not noisy, easy to carry and ideal in multiple levels. They are of two types. One type is Dry-Wet canister vacuum that cleans wet spills as well as dry spills. The other type is Dry canister vacuum to clean hard and soft floors at your facility.

In this article, some best considered vacuum cleaners are described which are considered best by experts and customers that would meet the needs of different users having a variety of cost points.

What are the best canister vacuum cleaners for carpet?

It is indeed friendly to work quickly and efficiently to clean all surfaces of your home, den, car, garage or your kitchen and is excellent in cleaning pet hairs on carpet or other surfaces. If you have a combination of flooring, then it is a champ in cleaning bare floors with multiple attachment tools and swivel head. Kenmore is a solid performer having motorized attachments that eliminates hairs and dirt quickly from the surfaces and helps prevent the dirt and hair to be tangled around the brush.

For a deeper cleaning of surfaces its ultra plush nozzles helps create powerful air flow for smart cleaning. The HEPA filter helps reduce allergy-pollutant particles in the room by trapping all the dirt inside the vacuum. Its strong airflow through the hose makes it a good choice. The HEPA filter catches 99.97% of bacteria, dirt, hair, mold and all dust particles that’s why it is considered as best canister vacuum for carpet and pet hair.

Perfect in cleaning your car, furniture and tight spaces because of an adjustable telescoping aluminum wand which is light weight and lengthens to clean the surfaces thoroughly. The stair grip helps enable the vacuum to stay on stair case while cleaning. If you have delicate carpet and rugs it is a smarter choice because of its variable power mode. This vacuum is also considered as the best canister vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

When the bag is full the performance indicator tells you to empty the bag or to check the clogs. This best lightweight canister vacuum cleaner earns a good score of satisfaction in customer survey.

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An extremely light weighted and powerful Miele complete C3 alize has powerful 1200 watt motor having 6 variable speed control. it comes with dusting brush and upholstery tool ,HEPA filters, washable filters and suction power control. This canister vacuum with attachments is suitable for hardwood floor cleaning.

If you are asthama or energy sufferer then miele complete c3 alize is the good canister vacuum that catches 99.9% of dust particles and lung damaging particles with its HEPA filters and it also has AirClean 3D filter bags.

The milele Alize canister vacuum consists of an AirTeq floor tool for uninterrupted floor contact because it consists of streamlined airflow. As you move from one surface to another, it results in superior cleaning with minimum energy use. This best canister vacuum for carpet and hardwood floors has integrated shock absorbers with swivel castors. The vacuum also has inflated tires that provides smooth and easy movements when you move the vacuum from place to place.

The miele complete C3 canister vacuum also consists of silence system that’s makes it work quietly without sacrificing power. Whatever setting you want to make in this canister vacuum it will remember you your last setting that will make easy for you to choose the desired setting you want in this light weight canister vacuum.

There is a bumper that is wrapped around the Miele C3 complete Alize canister vacuum to protect your furniture, walls and also the vacuum itself. The 24-foot cord consisting of one-touch automatic rewind provides exceptionally wide cleaning radius.

This best canister vacuum for the money is a combination tool that is designed for rug and bare floor areas.


It is the best recommended for all types of surfaces including hard and soft carpets, barefloors, hard floors and stairs etc. it has plus/minus stepdown suction pedals for easy and fine suction of dirt and dust particles consisting of six power settings.

It is light weight and quiter as compared to other models of canister vacuums. This marin has also a life span of average 20 year. It has powerful and amazing 1200 watt vortex motor. Not only on carpets but it is also a champ picking and cleaning of large amounts of pet hairs and also deep cleans all types of carpeting surfaces. The power driven 10 ½” brush head which is wide and electronic comes with swivel neck and is best for low to medium pile carpets.

This best canister vacuum for allergies has a cleaning radius of 36-foot and is 2lb lighter that other models of canister vacuums. This also, if you are allergic to dust or asthama sufferer, then it is the perfect choice because it has AirClean sealed system construction, so it is the best choice for your homes. It has a parquet floor brush comes with miele SBB300-3 designed for the cleaning of flat surfaces, under baseboards, low under furniture surfaces that are tight and around the chairs, having 90 degree of rotation angle. This brush goes everywhere around all corners.

This most powerful canister vacuum cleaner has HEPA filtration system that keeps the ambient air fresh and clean. The electro brush also has LED lightening. It also has integrated upholstery nozzle, crevice tool and a dusting brush. This canister vacuum also has a Miele AirClean bag with Type-G/N dust bag.

This strongest suction canister vacuum has auto suction settings that automatically adjust suction to surface height. Thus vacuum is the best suitable for all types of floors in your home whether it is soft plush carpets or hard floors or your room rugs. The parquet floor brush which is separate, safely cleans rough and smooth surfaces including floor tiles, stones and wood etc. Effortlessly cleans under and around furniture surfaces also.


A perfect bagless canister vacuum designed to clean your den, home, kitchen, cars interior or garage. This best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair is versatile and compact that is easy to use and is also light in weight. The powermate motorized attatchment helps lifts stubborn pet hair. Its unique design eliminates dander and dirt quickly and avoids tangling the dirt around the brush.

The best part in this friendly canister vacuum is that you don’t have to worry about constantly changing of dirt bags. The canister vacuum’s transparent dustbin shows you exactly when its time to change the bag.  

This compact canister vacuum cleaner has cyclonic design with 360 degree swivel hose to give you vacumm’s cleaning power that you expect from the Kenmore 22614 pet friendly canister vacuum. There is no loss of suction and in seconds, the vacuum’s pet powermate makes lift all the pet hairs, dirt and dander from your furniture, rugs and carpets. This friendly vacuum has HEPA filter system that traps 99,97% of dirt and dust particles inside the vacuum and also reducing allergy creating pollutants inside your rooms and homes. For thoroughly cleaning of your car interiors and also tight and pack surfaces, the  friendly vacuum has telescoping adjustable wand for perfect cleaning of surfaces. It is considered as the best canister vacuum for pets.

As this canister vacuum has HEPA filter as mentioned above, and it removes all the allergy creating pollutants, you can breathe easily in your rooms and homes. it is well trusted in removing the allergic pollutants. The friendly canister vacuum has a tight-turning radius that makes the vacuum to lift and move easily. The filter less dust cup gathers all dirt in a round chamber that empties quickly and saves you to the cost of replacement of bags.

The upper and lower quick releases present in the vacuum makes it easy for you to attatch and detach on-board tools on the press of a button making surfaces clean and tidy. The friendly vacuum has two 0n board accessories that includes dusting brush and crevice tool for convenient cleaning transitions. The vacuum’s light weight and compact design with 24 feet retractable cord and all the accessories makes the friendly canister vacuum cleaner easy to store.

The wand material is aluminum and wand type is telescopic and extendable. Attachments include crevice nozzle, dusting brush and motorized pet powermate. The cleaning width of this best canister vacuum with retractable cord is 14 inches, a muti surface cleaner 4 height adjustment. The weight is 22lbs having number of HEPA  filters 2. LED light is also inserted in the cleaning wand. Power cord and telescopic handle is also included. The pile height adjustment is manual, number of motor speed is 1 and also has upholstery tool or dust brush.

The vacuum’s impressive cleaning and fairly quite operation help makes this bagless canister vacuum a top pick. The Kenmore 22614 canister vacuums earns average scores in both reliability and owner satisfaction.


This  blizzard CX1 cat & dog canister vacuum is the powerful and German-engineered bag less vacuum that has turbo brush to remove pet hair and lint reliably. With its flexible parquet twister it remains gentle on delicate hard floors. The CX1 cat & dog canister vacuum has a radius of 33 feet that provides easy and effortless vacuuming of larger areas. This best canister vacuum for dog hair deep cleans your carpet with its electro brush to provide optimum care to your carpets.

The electro brush floorhead has a five- level height for different types of carpet heights, ranging from low-high pile. You can adjust the setting by simply step on the located lever on the electro brush. An additional handheld turbo brush accessory is also included in the blizzard CX1 cat & dog canister vacuum. The additional handheld electro turbo brush is good for cleaning of pet hairs from the upholstery. The HEPA filter present is a life time filter present in this canister vacuum which is maintenance free and with this another filter called Gore CleanStream Fine Dust filter is also present that ensures top-notch filtration.

The cloud of the fine dust particles that comes into the vacuum’s dustbin, you don’t have to worry about the backing up of dust particles while emptying the dustbin. It is because of the click2open hygienic emptying. At the touch of a button, the container present in the vacuum automatically empties down. The blizzard CX1 cat & dog canister vacuum has a powerful cleaning performance on floors and carpets because of the powerful vortex technology present in the vacuum. This powerful vortex techonology provides the deepest cleaning of delicate hardwood floor surfaces, carpets and rugs as much as possible. The switch different power suction settings are specific to the surface that is cleaned via Rotary Dial. The vortex technology creates powerful cleaning performance with the air flow of more than 100km/h that ensures the perfect picking up of coarse, dirt and all fine dust particles.`

High quality accessories include an upholstery nozzle, a crevice nozzle and a dusting brush. These are all integrated in the canister vacuum. The Gore CleanStream filter cleans itself automatically. The innovative dust separation separates the coarse soiling and the dust particles separately without unsetting the dust.  These high quality accessories are stored dust free inside the appliance. The CX1 canister vacuum also has four swivel wheels.

There are innovative sensors that measures the air output from the fine dust filter called the Gore StreamClean filter. It automatically activates the self cleaning system function whenever needed.

In click2open system, the dust container can be removed by pulling it upwards with one simple motion and dust can be emptied out of the bottom straight in to the waste bin. The emptying of dust particles is so direct that there is no direct contact with the dust and the container empties completely.

The comfortable and flexible hose connector handle of this top rated canister vacuum for pet hair enables easy and comfortable handling of the vacuum and the lever action integrated in this canister vacuum makes it easy to move from place to place and takes off the pressure from your wrist. The convenient vacuuming of even larger surfaces is due to cable, suction tube and suction hose. 

When you are done or if you pause your vacuuming while work, you can hooked the floorhead  on to the side of vacuum cleaner leaving the suction tube in secure and handy position.


The miele compact C2 electro plus vacuum cleaner has 1200 watt, Miele made motor that ensures powerful cleaning performance and there is a strong suction at the floorhead. If you have carpeting and hard floors in your homes then this miele compact C2 electro plus is ideal for your homes. Those who suffer house hold allergies, this vacuum with HEPA filter captures the finest dust and allergens that is in your homes and offices. This canister vacuum with beater bar requires little storage places.

The vacuum’s 6 stage variable speed miele made vortex motor is silence motor. The 6 suction settings and two floorheads provide right job of the tool. The compact C2 electro plus canister vacuum is equipped with the electro brush which is a great feature for deep cleaning of carpets to remove lint, dirt and hair and there is also parquet brush that helps to clean the hard floors.

The miele compact C2 electro plus vacuum cleaner is a space saving vacuum that enables you to park the floorhead and telescopic wand on either side of the vacuum cleaner for space saving storage. Special tools in miele compact C2 electro plus vacuum cleaner includes a HEPA AirClean filter, upholstery tool, crevice tool, dusting brush with natural bristles, parquet brush (SBB-parquet-3) and an electro brush (SEB-288),

The miele compact C2 electro plus vacuum cleaner has an exclusive Miele AirCleansealed system. The HEPA AirClean filter captures 99.9% of the finest dust particles in homes. It has single touch automatic cord rewind and also has locking system for telescopic wand, floorahead and handle. The Miele compact C2 electro plus`is comfortable to handle and easy to move from place to place because of lever action integrated in the vacuum. This best canister vacuum cleaner with powerhead has dimensions of 9.6 inches in width and 9.1 inches in height. It has silence system for quiter vacuuming. These vacuums are easy to maneuver with larger filling capacity of dirt. The filter bags present in this vacuum prevents the dust particles from re entering the atmosphere. The filter system consists of two main filters: a motor protection filter and an exhaust filter. The motor protection filter prolongs the life of the motor by trapping and preventing particles from entering it, and the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) AirClean exhaust filter scrubs the air as it’s passing out of the vacuum, trapping 99.95 percent of particles. The entire machine is well designed, but the handle and the telescopic extension wand are the real ergonomics superstars. The brushed stainless steel wand adjusts its length in 2-centimeter increments, so the tallest and the shortest users will find a comfortable, custom fit. Miele showed off its century-plus of engineering experience by embedding a strip of metal the width of a sewing needle into the handle to reduce static buildup while vacuuming. You hardly notice it, but if you keep contact with it, it should save you from getting shocked. There’s also a switch on the handle that turns the power brush on or off, which was useful as we moved from rug to hardwood floor to rug again. The cleaning performance of the Compact C2 boils down to a combination of the suction power dialed in from the motor and the cleaner head used. The miele compact C2 electroplus is a highest rated canister vacuum cleaner.

It is less noisy because the canister vacuum is well integrated and the motor is optimized for minimal sound. For cleaning of carpets or bare floors, you have the option for switching the electro brush and switching the parquet brush when you want to clean carpet or bare floor.


The Bissell zing bagged canister vacuum has a variable power suction and is best in picking the dust on bare floors and rugs.  it is also for above – floor cleaning. There a number of double digit vacuum cleaners but the Bissell zing bagged canister vacuum stands out for its affordable price and quality. If your home has stairs, then it is easy to move on stairs because of its integrated carrying handle and telescopic wand.

This best value canister vacuum can collect 2.5 liters of dirt, dust and debris, it safely cleans thin rugs, carpets, drapes and upholstery. It has automatic cord rewind with push button for quick cord storage. Hose length is 6 inches. Easy to remove dust particles without any mess created in your rooms and carpets. It has pre – motor and post – motor filters that helps to capture the finest dust particles. It also has filter bags that are washable and reusable. This vacuum is considered as the best canister vacuum under under $100.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are canister vacuums good for carpet?

According to consumers report, canister vacuums are good in cleaning carpets as all as bare floors as they perform an excellent job in cleaning pet hairs as well as cleaning of fine and tiny dust particles that you may be allergic with. Canister vacuums are light weighted so they are easy to carry place to place.

Which vacuum cleaners are good for carpets?

Vacuum that pick up all dust particles and pet hairs is good. Moreover if a vacuum does cleaning of the areas with small and tight spaces such as around the corners or under the furniture are really good for both, the carpet and the floor.

Which Miele vacuum is the best?

Miele vacuums are all good. Some are the bagged vacuums and some are bagless. But these vacuums do a terrific job in cleaning your home. Miele complete C3 Marin is the best canister vacuum and Miele compact C2 electro plus is best for cleaning a variety of surfaces and much more qualities of Miele vac auums. You can choose according to your budget.

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