Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum: Pros and Cons

Owning a vacuum cleaner is a necessity, as it performs the important task of daily cleaning activities. Buying a new vacuum cleaner is a challenging job, as market is flooded with vacuum cleaners of different brands. They come in a wide range of price, anyway under $100 to $2000. They are classified on the basis of price, features and type (canister, upright, robot). High end vacuum cleaners come equipped with more accessories and advanced features. Low price vacuum cleaners have their own limitations.

In this article, we will discuss classification of vacuum cleaners on the basis of how dust and debris are disposed off? A comparison article on bagged vs. bagless vacuum cleaner, pros and cons of each category are discussed here. Bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners perform cleaning jobs effectively and come equipped with different features and attachments. The only difference lies in the way, dirt is disposed off. Dirt disposal method has its own pros and cons. To give you better understanding of bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners, let’s get into detailed pros and cons.

Pros of Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

As the name suggests, bagged vacuum cleaners use a replaceable bag to trap dust and dirt. It allows air to pass through the bag. The bag fits into a cloth section that zips around the bag, it can be replaced once gets full with collected dust.  Following are the positive aspects of using bagged vacuum cleaner.

Suggested for Allergy Sensitive Persons

Bagged vacuum cleaners are recommended for homes with allergy sensitive occupants. Bags are usually airtight and don’t allow allergens and dust particles to get leaked into room. In this way, it improves the overall environment and provides a recommended environment to allergy sensitive individuals.

Effective Filtration

HEPA filters are most effective at catching dust, pollen and debris. They have been found 99.97% effective against 0.3 micron (MPPS) sized particles. Bagged vacuum cleaners usually come with HEPA filtration. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration are always a recommended choice, particularly if you are prone to allergies.

It is pertinent to mention here, that HEPA filtration is not exclusive to Bagged vacuum cleaners. Bagless vacuum cleaners can also have HEPA filtration. But, it’s more common to get HEPA filtration in bagged vacuums.

Hygienic Option

Bagged vacuum cleaner effectively stores dust and debris inside the bag, avoiding leakage into room. They offer hassle free bag replacement and avoid spreading of allergens.

You don’t need to clean filters often, as compared to bagless vacuum cleaners.

Conclusively, bagged vacuum cleaners are a recommended option for allergy sensitive individuals. It offers improved filtration and effective dust disposal.

Cons of Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Every product feature has few shortcomings, and some drawbacks of using bagged vacuum cleaners do exist and have been discussed below briefly;

Replacement of Bags

The collected dust accumulates in a bag; they have a certain limit as per specifications. Once, the bags gets full, you definitely have to remove that bag, and replace it a new one. It is mandatory to continue nonstop vacuuming activities around the home. Bag replacement is a recurring task; it depends on your cleaning habits and load, that how often you need bag replacement? Bag replacement costs you and it is a routine process. You may better decide, if you can trade off this cost with benefits of bagged vacuum cleaners or not.  

Loss of performance, once Bag is full

Bagged vacuum cleaners perform best with empty bag. When bag starts filling with collected dust, its performance gets affected. You might not be able to get optimum performance with a almost full bag. Moreover, it’s difficult to tell either bag is full with dust or not for old models. Newer models come with a light indication; giving a signal that bag needs replacement.

Pros of Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bagless vacuum cleaner gives you freedom from worrying about emptying the dust-cup, as it provides clear view of dust in cup. Let’s discuss few pros and cons of buying bagless vacuum cleaner.

Easy to know, when to empty

Bagless vacuum cleaners have transparent dirt cups, giving you idea when to empty the dust cup. It has also an added advantage, as the dirt cup starts filling; performance gets affected. To continue optimum performance, you can easily empty the bin by looking through transparent chamber.

Cost Effective

Operational cost of bagless vacuum cleaner is lower than bagged vacuum cleaner. Because, you don’t have to change bags as the case with bagged vacuum cleaner.

Common among Users

Bagless vacuum cleaner is comparatively more common type of vacuum cleaner than bagged vacuum.  Reason being, no need of buying and changing bags frequently. Further, transparent dust cup chamber facilitates the user.

Conclusively, bagless vacuum cleaners are popular because of cost effectiveness and easy emptying of dust bin.

Cons of Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Some drawbacks of bagless vacuum cleaners also exist. Let’s look for those shortcomings;

Messy and Untidy Experience

Disposing dust is untidy experience; you might end sticking your fingers in dust. It is inappropriate for some individuals, for others it’s not.  Further, filters and cup require cleaning. It takes time to clean and then wait it to dry.

Increased Probability of Allergies

When emptying a bagless vacuum cleaner, it is quite possible dust and allergens re-enter into room becoming a reason of allergies. This possibility gets ruled out in bagged vacuum cleaner.

Final Verdict

You have gone through bagged vs. bagless vacuum cleaner article. Both of these perform cleaning jobs efficiently. All the popular brands offer vacuum cleaners in both of these categories. As you have read, bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners have advantages and disadvantages. You must assess your requirements and cleaning habits before reaching a final decision of buying a vacuum cleaner. Initial cost and operational are also important parameter to consider, when deciding between bagged and bagless vacuum cleaner.  Once you have assessed your needs, you will find yourself in a better position to select bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner.

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