Best Paper Shredder under $50 for home/office

Everyone has personal documents, expired credit cards and other confidential documents in home and office. Some cards and documents are expired that just create mess and have no other use. But you are confused how to dispose them off? and you are looking for a solution. Answer to above questions lies in buying a Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder an electronic machine that splits the papers, clips, credit cards and CDs into small particles. It splits the confidential documents into small pieces making information unreadable. By using a paper shredder we keep our identity safe, which is quite critical these due to rise in modern crimes. Paper shredders are primarily classified on the basis of cut they produce, capacity to handle sheets in single pass, security level, either they can shred only paper or CDs, run time and wastebasket capacity.

It depends on individual requirement; if you are looking for home/personal use with light operation or for a office with medium or high level of services. There are many parameters which needs to be understood before reaching a conclusion, that which type of paper shredder one should buy. For better understanding of paper shredders and their primary parameters, we advise you to go through our following article;

Once you have thoroughly studied the article and have decided what specifications you need in a paper shredder; then you are good to go for buying a paper shredder. This article is about Best paper shredder under $50. Our team researched on best paper shredders available in market that cost under $50. Following is the list of best shredders from popular brands that perform the activity of disposing off your secret documents and helps avoiding identity theft. Individual  may choose as per their requirement.

Best home/office medium duty paper shredder under $50

  • This model of Bonsaii is capable of shredding 8 sheets of paper in single pass in a cross cut pattern into size measuring 13/64 x 45/64” (5 mm by 18 mm).
  • It offers the security level of P-4.
  • It is a multipurpose shredder, capable of shredding paper clips, staple pins and credit cards.
  • It comes with features like overload and overheating protection that protects the motor and blades.
  • It has three operation modes i.e. off, on and reverse. Reverse button helps to clear paper jams.
  • Runtime of this shredder is 4 minutes. 200 sheets approx. can be disposed off in 4 minutes.
  • It has foldable handle on its lid, making emptying of bin convenient.
  • Best high security, medium capacity paper shredder under $50.
  • Capacity of waste bin is 3.5 gallon. A transparent window gives you idea; when to empty the bin.

Basic shredder for home use under 50

  • This paper shredder can handle 6 sheets in single pass. It splits the paper in cross cut manner in particles of size 1/5” x 1-25/32” (5 mm by 40 mm).
  • It can also shred staple pins, paper clips and credit cards.
  • It provides the security standard as per level P-3.
  • It is equipped with features like auto start and manual reverse eliminating annoyance caused due to paper jams.
  • Overheating protection prevents the shredder’s motor from burning out.
  • Runtime: 4 minutes. Then a cool-down period of 40 minutes is required.
  • It also comes with foldable handle on its lid, making emptying of bin easy.
  • Safety switch turns off the shredder when machine lid is lifted.
  • Best Boonsaii basic cross cut paper shredder under the price of $50.
  • Capacity of waste basket is 3.5 gallon with transparent window.

shredder under $50 for personal use

  • This smart paper shredder shreds 8 sheets of paper in single pass in a strip cut manner. It splits the sheet into ¼” wide strips.
  • It can also shred CDs, DVDs, paper clips and staples.
  • It’s an economical paper shredder providing P-1 security level.
  • Runtime: 2 minutes. It shreds paper at a speed of 9.84 feet per minute.
  • It is a good addition in a household or small home office to shred papers and CD’s.
  • It has features like auto start/off and reverse button helping in clearing paper jams.
  • Thermal protection feature prevents motor from burning out.
  • Best strip cut paper shredder under $50.
  • It has no dedicated waste basket. It comes with extendable arm, which can fit on most wastebaskets.

 shredder below $50

  • This paper shredder is capable of taking 8 sheets in single pass. It is a cross cut shredder; splits paper into particles of size 3/16 x 1-27/32 inches (5 mm by 47 mm).
  • It is a multipurpose shredder; capable of shredding paper clips and credit cards.
  • This model of Aurora provides security level as per level P-3.
  • Runtime is 3 minutes; before a cool down period is required. Shredding speed is 8.69 feet per minute.
  • It has four modes of operation i.e. auto – off – forward and reverse. Reverse modes helps in clearing paper jams
  • It is also equipped with thermal protection system, preventing motor from overheating.
  • Waste basket size is 3.7 gallon (230 sheets approx).
  • It has integrated single-hand lifting handle for easy emptying of waste bin.

anti-jam paper shredder less than $50

  • It is a cross-cut paper shredder, which can shred 8 sheets of paper in single pass. It disposes off the sheet into particles measuring 7/32 x 1 27/32 inches (5 mm by 47 mm).
  • It can also shred credit cards and paper clips by using its steel cutters.
  • It provides security level of P-3.
  • Runtime is 2 minutes. Then cool-down duration of 30 minutes is required.
  • Shredding speed of this paper shredder is 8.36 feet per minute.
  • It is light duty paper shredder best suited for home and small office set up.
  • It comes with auto start and reverse mode.
  • Best paper shredder under $50 by Aurora for medium duty usage.
  • Waste bin capacity is 3.40 gallon (130 sheets approx.)

reliable paper shredder under $50

  • It is a cross cut paper shredder splitting sheets into particles of size 2 x 1.9 inches (5.6 mm by 47 mm).
  • It provides security levels as per level P-3.
  • You may feed up-to 6 sheets in this model of amazonbasics paper shredder in single pass.
  • It can also shred paper clips, staple pins and credit cards.
  • Runtime: 2 minutes with 30 minutes cool down period. In case of shredder operating beyond 2 minutes it will automatically shut down the shredder; protecting the motor from overheating.
  • The design is very user friendly with 3 modes of operation. Auto, off and reverse. Reverse mode helps in clearing paper jams.
  • Capacity of waste basket is 3.7 gallon.
  • It is best basic paper shredder to consider under $50 for home or individual use.

 paper shredder for home or small office in $48

  • It is a micro-cur paper shredder, cutting the particles to confetti like pieces measuring 5/32 x 15/32 inches (4 mm by 12 mm).
  • It is capable of shredding 6 sheets in single pass.
  • It provides high security of level P-4. It makes 6 times more pieces of a sheet as compared with standard cross cut paper shredder. Hence, it is best paper shredder under $50 if you are looking for high security jobs.
  • It can also shred paperclips, staple pins and credit cards. It comes with dedicated slot to feed credit cards for shredding.
  • Runtime: 3 minutes with 30 minutes cool down period.
  • It has thermal protection system incorporated. Preventing motor from burning out in case of operating the paper shredder beyond the maximum run time.
  • It has3 mode power switch; auto, off and reverse. Reverse mood is used to clear paper jams.
  • Best basic high security paper shredder under $50.
  • Capacity of waste bin is 4.1 gallon.

 shredder in $50

  • It is a micro cut paper shredder capable enough to shred 10 sheets of paper in single pass.
  • It can also shred CD/DVD and credit cards, but in a single pass..
  • It splits the paper into particles measuring 4 mm by 10 mm.
  • It provides high security to your confidential documents providing security standards of level P-4.
  • Shredding speed is 6 feet per minute. 72 sheets per minute.
  • It has 3 modes of operation auto start/stop and manual reverse. Reverse mode is used to clear paper jams.
  • Light indicator tells about overheating.
  • It is super quiet while in operation. Caster wheels makes moving of shredder very much convenient.
  • It s very reliable, easy to use and easy to empty paper shredder.
  • It is best paper shredder for medium to heavy duty with the price tag of $50.
  • Capacity of wastebasket is 5 gallon. You just need to slide out the basket and empty the shredder material.

best highly productive, high security paper shredder below $50

  • It is a micro-cut paper shredder, shredding the sheets into particles measuring 5/32 x 1/2 inches (4 mm by 13 mm).
  • It provides high level of security and prevents your confidential information from leaking out. Security level provided by this model is equivalent to level P-4.
  • It is capable of shredding paper clips, staple pins and credit cards. It provides highly productive desk side paper shredding.
  • Runtime is 7 minutes. It’s quite handy when it comes to finishing medium level of job in one sitting. Cool-down duration required is 25 minutes.
  • It comes with safety lock, which disables the shredder when not in use.
  • It is best high security paper shredder under $50 for home use.
  • The wastebasket capacity is 3.5 gallon with pull out facility.

best deskside high security paper shredder by fellowes

  • It is a small deck side cross cut paper shredder capable of handling 6 sheets at once. It can also shred paper clips and plastic credit cards.
  • It shreds the paper into cross cut particles of size 5/32” x 1-1/2” inches (4 mm by 40 mm) meeting P4 security level. It splits the sheet into 400particles approx.
  • Run time: 3 minutes with 40 minutes cool down duration.
  • It is best designed for personal and home usage occasionally.
  • A best productive paper shredder to purchase with the bill less than $50.
  • Wastebasket size is 4.0 gallon. It comes with integrated handle making disposal of shredded documents easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unjam a paper shredder?

Shredders are incredibly annoying machines when they get jam. Most of the jams can be cleared with common sense, however, serious ones require more drastic measures. To fix a basic paper shredder following steps should be followed

  •  As soon as you notice that paper shredder is getting slow you need to stop the paper shredder to prevent any unrepairable damage
  • Then unplug your paper shredder
  • If needed, empty the wastebasket because sometimes the main reason of paper shredder jam is that there is no place for the paper to go once it shredded because the wastebasket is full. If wastebasket is full then emptying the wastebasket will be enough to unjam the paper shredder.
  • If the jam still would not clear, then shift the shredder to reverse and plug it back in, because jamming is a common problem, so most of the paper shredders come with a built in option to run in reverse. However, if the paper shredder jams in reverse then switch back to auto forward. Reversing the shredder normally unjam the paper shredder in a matter of seconds. However, in very bad cases, the shredder may jam again when run in reverse so you need to run paper shredder in reverse and forward direction to clear the jam. In severe cases, you need to resolve this issue manually.
  • After clearing the paper shredder, you need to feed less amount of papers for shredding because this is the main reason of jamming the paper shredder.