How to Choose the Best Label Maker?

Label makers are handheld or small desktop devices used for organizing items at home or small business set-up. Label makers help you categorize your home, kitchen, office, files and folders, saving your time when searching for a particular item. Label makers are also used by crafters for printing labels in decorative activities. Electricians use them to tag wires and cables. Teachers and students use these portable devices for organization, scrapbooking and other activities. Small business owners use label makers for printing shipping labels, postal labels, price tags and much more. They basically make identification of items easy, ultimately satisfying a person who appreciates organization.  When choosing a best label maker, you need to assess your requirement and look for desired features.

            In following part of our article we have summarized key parameters and features to consider that a potential buyer should know.  After reading the article, you should be in a better position to decide best label maker meeting your requirements and yet economical.

Key Parameters


                Label makers provide display of label text and provide a preview of text before actually printing the label. Few labelers provide multi-line labels and preview of text. Size of display is also important; it should be enough for you to read the text.

            Different types of keyboard layouts are offered. Some offer QWERTY style keyboard, others provide ABCD style keyboard. You may choose the appropriate style keyboard labeler as per your ease of use.                


            Label makers are available in variety of sizes ranging from handheld to desktop and industrial label printers. Handheld/portable label makers are easy to carry around and make label making quite easy. Whereas, desktop label printers don’t have a built in keyboard, label typing is achieved on computer followed by printing from label printer.

Industrial label printers are rugged, costly and may be used continuously for printing labels.

Customization Features

            Label makers provide different types of customization options to potential users. Design features include variety of symbols, fonts and frame options. Some label makers are compatible with variety of tapes and different color tapes; hence they are more versatile than other labelers. Few label makers provide option of connecting with pc or smart-phone providing provision of more customization to your labels.

Power options

                Label makers come with different types of power options. Few use AAA batteries, providing portability and allowing using them anywhere. But, at the same time adds additional cost of changing battery frequently. Other labelers use direct charging, and let user print labels while charging. You may choose a more feasible power option for you.

Portability and User Friendly

                Some label makers are handheld and lightweight providing portability. Few label makers provide users, very user friendly interface while others are bit difficult and require user to read instructions manual thoroughly.  For home use, simple and user friendly label makers are recommended.  But if you are looking a label maker for business purposes or industrial usage, then you may look for sophisticated label maker.

Printing Mechanism

                Most of labelers use thermal printing technology, eliminating the need of toner or ink. This way of printing is fast and reliable.


            You should evaluate working environment before buying a label maker/printer. For home use portable label maker will serve the purpose. While, a desktop label printer capable of printing hundreds of labels per day would be needed at a grocery store.


            Label makers offer variety of connectivity options like USB, wifi, Ethernet and Bluetooth.  You may look for desired connectivity provision before purchasing a specific label maker.


            Performance of label maker is gauged by print speed. Printing speed becomes critical in business and industrial environments.


Some label makers allows you to save label designs so that you may print them immediately. It depends on label maker memory that how many label designs can be saved in it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between label maker and label printer?

Label makers are stand alone handheld devices used to print labels for home or small office setup. They have built in keyboard and software that helps you to design and print labels.  They are relatively cheap and perform well in low volume requirements.  

Label printers don’t have a built in keyboard and are connected with a computer/laptop to design labels. They act as printing devices for labels. Mostly shopping malls, retail stores, fuel stations and other businesses employ label printers for printing labels.

Is label maker worth it?

Label maker are portable devices that makes our lives easy and organized. They are used to print labels that are used to identify and categorize different items at home, office and kitchen. Our files, folders and other office items become traceable in a short span of time. It is definitely a great tool for individuals appreciating organization and tidiness.

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