Best Bluetooth Label Maker for 2022

A label maker gives a polished feel to an office and home space. It gives us an extraordinary motivation to keep our space organized. Labels are used on most important folders and keep everyone’s mailboxes separate. They are also used to mark your documents clearly, to clearly distinguish what’s in the bottle, to sort out all kinds of cables, to organize jars on the pantry shelf and more endless tasks.  A bluetooth label maker can also pair with our smartphone and computer that makes things easier. Following are the factors for selecting the right label maker for our specific needs.

Printing Frequency

Print Quality

Bar Coding Requirement

Ease of Use


Maximum Label width

Maximum Print lines per label

Tape Cutter

Bluetooth wireless connection

Compatibility with Android/Apple devices

Battery Capacity

There are many exquisite label makers available in the market. We just need to choose one that offers the functions we care most about at a price point that fits our budget. In this article, we have selected top 7 label makers that work with bluetooth wireless connection.


Brother P-touch cube plus PT-P710BT is an attractive addition to your crafting business, retail store, home or office. This instrument features bluetooth wireless technology to easily design and print labels up to 1 inch wide from your Apple or Android smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. 

P- touch PT-P710BT is compatible with three different software applications

  • Brother P-touch Design&Print APP(1)
  • P-touch iPrint&Label APP(1)
  • Brother P-touch Editor Software
This instrument includes a variety of pre-designed label templates. Moreover, Brother P-touch PT-P710BT can access a variety of fonts, frames, and symbols including most Google and Apple font libraries while using your smartphone.
P-touch PT-P710BT comes with Black on White starter tape, Black on Premium Glitter Gold starter tape, USB cable and built-in Li-ion battery. Furthermore, Brother P-touch Premium Glitter and Matte TZe tapes bring a special sparkle to your labels.

P-touch PT-P710BT is backed by a one-year limited warranty. This label maker also provides free online, call or live chat technical support for the life of your product.

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ideal Bluetooth label maker

Dymo MobileLabeler 1982171 creates custom labels from your tablet and smartphone with bluetooth connectivity. It prints labels in a variety of colors and sizes. These labels are widely used for jars, files and binders, office organizations, asset tracking and IT equipments.

MobileLabeler 1982171 can syncing with your smartphone via bluetooth and the free Dymo connect mobile App. This App is loaded with helpful features like spell-check and voice to text. Moreover, MobileLabeler 1982171app also customize labels using borders and styles as well as many popular Google and Apple fonts. Dymo MobileLabeler 1982171 can also connect to Mac OS and Windows systems. 

This label printer uses thermal transfer printing technology that prints without ink or toner. Dymo MobileLabeler 1982171 prints an impressive range of different label colors and styles at crystal clear 300 DPI resolution. It works with 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch D1 labels.

Dymo D1 labels are designed to withstand tough conditions and last longer than standard labels. These professional grade adhesive labels adheres to challenging surfaces and resist fading. Dymo D1 labels can also withstand sunlight, moisture, high heat, and freezing temperatures. 

MobileLabeler 1982171 includes rechargeable battery that increases portability while the automatic label cutter saves a lot of time. This best bluetooth label maker is also backed by a 2-year limited warranty.



NIIMBOT bluetooth label maker

NIIMBOT 2021D11 is a lightweight, handheld label maker. It creates pre-designed and custom labels up to 15 mm wide from your mobile device. Moreover, NIIMBOT 2021D11 can print continuously for 4 hours.

By using NIIMBOT App, you can design your own labels. The App contains various texts, business icons, and graphic symbols. Furthermore, this label printer has a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.

NIIMBOT 2021D11 can use various styles of label paper. Its powerful functions support various graphics, symbols, barcodes, logos, and numbers. This instrument has an intelligent recognition feature for voices and pictures and then convert them into labels.

Furthermore, NIIMBOT 2021D11 instrument increases DPI by 25% and the printing speed varies from 30mm/s to 60mm/s. It uses bluetooth technology to design and print. NIIMBOT 2021D11 includes 1200mAh built-in rechargeable battery and it can be used on a single charge for 3 months. 


The USB output voltage of the computer is lower than the normal output, which leads to the phenomenon that it can not be fully charged after the long term charging. So, it is recommended to use a charger directly while you need charging the label maker.


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Phomemo Bluetooth label printer

Phomemo M200 bluetooth label printer has a wide range of uses and involves many industries. These labels are used in food, clothing, telecommunications, jewelry, school, home use, and more endless tasks. 

Phomemo M200 bluetooth label printer is very easy to use. Its one-click printing feature saves time and effort. This label smart App provides variety of fonts, filter effects and themes. Phomemo M200 can print QR codes, small address labels and images that’s why it is considered as the best bluetooth label printer.

This label maker uses bluetooth wireless connection and thermal printing technology in which no ink or toner is needed. Furthermore, its labels are water, abrasion resistant and BPA free.

Phomemo M200 labels width range varies from 20mm to 80mm. Moreover, these labels would not leave residue after removal and you don’t need to rack your brains to clean the paste surface.

Phomemo M200 is charged by 2600mAh battery and the full charge battery have 1 week standby time. 


High Quality bluetooth label maker

Phomemo D30 is a multi-purpose label maker. This mini label maker  can be used in filing, storage, merchandise management, pill box identification, labeling candles, metal bottles, schools items, bathrooms, and more endless tasks. These labels can also be attached to envelopes, CD boxes, brochures, and plastic containers.

Phomemo D30 has a light and compact design and weighs only 160 grams. We can easily put this label maker in your pocket, and can be used anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the exquisite design of Phomemo D30 adds a stylish atmosphere to the office.

Phomemo D30 uses bluetooth wireless connection. Moreover, this mini label maker can synchronize with the free “Print Master” mobile app. Phomemo D30 is also compatible with iOS and Android. We can easily design and quickly start making labels from our smartphone or tablet. 

This bluetooth label maker uses thermal printing technology to avoid expensive ink or toner. The speed of this instrument is 60mm/s which makes printing faster and smoother. 

Phomemo D30 creates variety of label types. The variety includes transparent labels, different pattern labels and round labels. Moreover, these labels are water, oil and scratch resistant. Phomemo D30 labels are not only strongly adhesive but also durable. These labels can adheres firmly to every surface.

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Brother Bluetooth label maker

Brother P-touch label maker is used for labeling food containers, flash drives, storage bins, school supplies, and more endless tasks. This label maker wireless network connects with Design&Print2 App that allows us to design and print personalized labels from a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, Design&Print2 App is compatible with both Android and Apple mobile devices. We can choose from a wide-variety of pre-designed templates or design labels from 450 symbols, 60 plus frames, and a variety of fonts.

Brother P-touch label maker uses Brother genuine P-touch TZe durable laminated tapes of up to 12mm wide in a variety of colors and types. These labels are water and fade resistant.

Brother P-touch label maker is backed by a one-year limited warranty and free phone support for the life of the product. The box includes

  • P-touch Cube label maker
  • AC adapter
  • Brother Genuine P-touch TZe231 tape


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label maker at mechoffice

Phomemo M110 label maker is a multi-purpose label machine. This mini label maker uses in many industries including food, telecommunication, candles, clothing, jewelry, school, home, office, shipping and so on. Furthermore, Phomemo M110 label width range varies from 20mm to 50mm. 

The powerful App of Phomemo M110 label maker has a variety of free label templates and we can set up our own templates. Moreover, The multifunction App “Print Master” has following features

  • Excel printing
  • Picture Printing
  • Barcode Printing
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Voice RECG

Phomemo M110 bluetooth label maker has a adjustable paper holder that prevents paper jams and deviations. It uses thermal technology so no ink is required. Furthermore, this label maker has a feed button that catch the label and feed it into the printer. We just need to gently press and hold the feed button, then this label maker will determine the label size, gap size and other properties. 

Phomemo M110 uses bluetooth wireless connection and it includes 1500 mAh battery  that have one week standby time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is a label maker worth it?

Definitely yes, It makes one’s life organized. A label maker can be used for many tasks and it saves a lot of time and energy. Especially, if we are labeling cartons for shipping then a label maker can be very handy. Moreover, Embossing label maker are very useful for crafting jobs and it makes the life a lot easier for crafters. 

What should I put labels on?

You can put labels on drawers, bins, refrigerators, shelves, pantry zones, linen closet shelves, hooks, spices, file folders, cables, and more endless things.

How do you make clear labels?

First of all, you have to print out the label and stick the transparent tape on the label. Then you need to smoothen the label on the sticker with the help of a spoon. Afterwards, cutting it with the scissors, soak it in the warm water for few minutes. After taking out from the water, rub away the paper with your finger and let the sticker dry for few minutes so the tape becomes sticky again. Now, you are ready to use it on your desired task.

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