Best Label Maker for Crafters for Decorative Activities

           People often need to print labels, colorful tapes and ribbons for crafting and decorative purposes. A wide range of labels makers are available in market.  If you are looking Label-maker or printer for printing of eye catching labels and ribbons in order to decorate cards, scrap-booking, wrapping gifts then, this article is for you. In this article, we have prepared a consolidated list of best label maker for crafters. You may go through the article, and pick the most suitable label maker that meets your inner crafter expectations.


Best label maker for crafting

  • Brothers P-touch embellish label maker is great for personalization of any event, celebration or any occasion.
  • Best label maker for scrapbooking may be used to create decorative ribbon and tape accents to wrap gifts, party arrangements, tables setting, crafting tasks and scrapbook work.
  • Brother label maker PT-D215e offers a wide range of personalized printing; it offers range of built in ribbon and label templates.
  • Other design features of Brother P-touch embellish includes 90+ decorative frames, 20 continuous frames, 14 fonts, 400+ symbols and emojis and 25 patterns.
  • P-touch label maker offers unique ribbon templates allowing user to add extra special and stylish decorative touch to satin ribbons. By using PT-D215e you can make continuous patters and repeating text to create unique ribbons that will be quite appealing.
  • It offers user friendly menu and interface; a QWERTY keyboard, one touch easily formatting keys, print preview option and storage memory of up-to 20 labels.
  • Brother p-touch embellish ribbon & tape label printer machine is lightweight and portable. It makes it easy for the user to take label printer anywhere to personalize and organize on the go.
  • You may choose from colorful range of P-touch embellish satin ribbons, matte, patterned and washi tapes up-to ½” (0.47”) wide.
  • As evident from description, Brothers P-touch embellish label maker machine is best label maker machine for crafters.

  • The Brother P-touch Embellish ELITE Connectable Decorative Ribbon and Tape Printer PTP715eBT, is one of its kind, Bluetooth enabled crafting machine that uses 1” (24 mm) wide ribbons and tapes, offering variety of fonts, symbols and many design options to inspire a crafter. This makes it best Bluetooth label printer for crafting tasks. 
  • You can simply design and print decorative ribbons and tapes to add special touch to gifts, crafts, scrapbooks and craft storage.
  • Brother P-touch embellish ribbon and tape label printer machine offers a wide collection of craft templates, fonts, patterns, symbols and emojis available via smart-phone, tablet or PC.
  • The connectable feature of machine enables you to connect to mobile, tablet or pc wirelessly and access craft focused templates to create customized ribbons//tapes by using “Design & Print” application.
  • A crafter can upload and incorporate custom graphics into designs by using free p-touch editor software.
  • Best label maker for wedding invitation may be used to improvise your imagination using P-touch Embellish 1” (24 mm) wide satin ribbons and tapes, moreover P-touch Embellish 1/2” (12 mm) wide ribbons, decorative and washi tapes may also be used for more options.
  • Brother P-touch embellish ribbon and tape label printer machine is best label maker for crafters for many applications.

Dymo label maker for crafting

  • Dymo embossing label maker is lightweight, portable and handheld label maker. It has been designed ergonomically to give modern look and make it user friendly.
  • It creates artistic labels with intuitive turn and click system.
  • You may customize your labeling requirements with 49 characters of text, numbers and symbols.
  • Embossing labels are available in variety of colors.
  • Dymo embossing label is perfect for scrapbooking, gifting, home organization, crafting cupboard/closet, photo-albums and much more.
  • Dymo label maker doesn’t require batteries and it comfortably stands on workbench or desk.
  • The package includes Dymo embossing label maker, preloaded embossing label tape of dimension 12 feet X 3/8 inch. wide.
  • This is one of the best embossing label maker and can prove best label maker for crafters in meeting requirements of basic jobs.

High quality label maker for crafting

  • Dymo office mate-ii embossing label maker has been designed ergonomically; making it quite user friendly.
  • Dymo embossing label maker is a good addition to any office, home or retail environment.
  • User friendly features offered by this label maker make it easier to label files, shelves and storage areas.
  • The package comes with easily interchangeable wheels for switching between horizontal and vertical labeling options.
  • Achieve smooth embossing and cutting action by using Dymo embossing label maker.
  • You can manage label feed and character spacing with forward and reverse options.
  • Labeling tape is moisture, corrosion, abrasion and weather resistant.
  • This label maker can handle 3/8 inch and ½ inch tape.
  • The package includes Dymo office Mate-II embossing label maker and one roll of ½ inch black tape.
  • It is one of the best simple and user friendly label maker for crafters.

Dymo label maker for crafters

  • Dymo omega home embosser comes with soft handle for gripping. It provides improved level of comfort and convenience, when it comes to organizing your home or kitchen space.
  • It creates artistic labels with intuitive turn and click system.
  • You may customize your labeling requirements with 49 characters of text, numbers and symbols.
  • Labeling tapes can easily be loaded and cut; using enhanced tape cutting feature.
  • It can print letters, numbers and symbols smoothly without needing a battery.
  • Text on label can easily be centered by use of start/stop marks.
  • Compatible tapes include 9 mm wide tape, available in 4 different colors i.e. black, blue, green and red.
  • The package box consist of Dymo omega embossing machine,1 roll of 9 mm embossing tape and dymo omega label maker instructions.
  • Best embossing label maker for crafters.

Ideal label maker for crafting

  • MoTEX embossing label maker creates high quality embossed adhesive labels by intuitive turn and press labeling system.
  • It has been designed in a way to look great and user friendly with soft grip.
  • Best for labeling, organizing, decorating and DIY.
  • To quickly produce adhesive labels, just turn the wheel to the appropriate letter and click the lever to emboss the character.
  • It is capable of printing letters, numbers and emotions.
  • It is portable; doesn’t require battery or electricity.
  • The package includes embossing label maker, 2Xwheel (uppercase and numbers/lowercase and symbols) and 1Xlabel tape.

best label maker for crafting

  • Phomemo-M110 thermal Label Maker is a multi-use label machine. This mini label printer has wide range applications, i.e. Clothing, Food, Telecommunications, Jewelry and School.
  • Label maker various App templates; you can choose the template as per requirement and can customize the new size template.
  • Phememo-M110S has OCR (optical character recognition) function in the App, you can enjoy converting the text in photos directly into editable text. This makes it the coolest label maker.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with android 4.0 and IOS 8.0 or above.
  • Thermal printing principle eliminates the need of ribbon ink printing. It proves helpful in saving money and time.
  • Phomemo-M110 thermal Label Maker comes with adjustable paper holder, preventing paper jams and deviations.
  • For printing, pick up the label and feed it into the printer, press and hold the feed button, phemomo will determine the label size, gap size and other properties.
  • It is a stylish, pocket size (4.5 x 3.4 x 2.5 in) label printer to make organizing more fun.
  • Multipurpose, one of the best label maker for crafters, bar-codes and retailing tasks.

Brother label maker

  • The Brothers P-touch label maker PT-D400AD is a best label maker for users who want a swift and easy method to create a wide variety of robust labels for the home and home office.
  • The compact size, QWERTY keyboard, large keys and angled design makes it a versatile and user friendly label maker.
  • One touch formatting keys helps in saving time while adding frames and using formatting features.
  • You can create labels up-to 18 mm wide (0.70 inch) using any combination of 14 fonts, 10 font styles, 99 frames and 600+ symbols.
  • Brother P-touch label maker PT-D400 features a large internal memory that lets you save up-to 50 of most frequently used labels, enabling you to reprint quickly.
  • The PT-D400AD can be powered by the included AC power adapter or 6 x AA batteries (sold separately) to give you the ability to make labels at your desk or on the go.
  • Best label maker for garden works with variety of tapes from long lasting laminated TZe series. TZe tapes are protected by a thin, clear film to endure water, grease, fading, heat, and cold, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. 
  • It comes with 2 years limited warranty and free phone support over the life of product
  • It is one of best label maker for multitude of applications. You can use for organizing home, kitchen, closet, shelves and everything you can imagine of.
best label maker for garden
  • Brothers P-Touch Pro is the complete labeling solution for your wide range of needs.
  • It gives the user access to 3 fonts and 300 symbols helping the user organize workspace or home.
  • Best label maker for gardeners enables you to create label text in 2 lines and also let you preview the text before taking out a print. This provision eliminates chances of error ultimately preventing label wastage.
  • Lightweight and portable design makes it easy to be carried out to different workplaces.
  • Waterproof plant label printer enables you to print durable laminated labels that can be used to identify cables, wires, garage, garden and other outdoor needs.
  • Best label maker for electricians uses genuine Brother TZe tapes (3, 6, 9, 12 mm width) with adhesives best suited for tough labeling jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make fancy labels at home?

You can make fancy labels at home by using DYMO embossing label maker.  They are user friendly and are cheap.  If you are looking for a better option with more customization then, you may choose Brother P-touch Embellish Ribbon & Tape Printer PT-D215e. It is used to create ribbons for parties, gifts etc.  You may read detailed specifications about these label makers in this article.

How do you make labels for jars?

You can use Brothers or DYMO basic model label makers to label jars. They print clear labels and provide user friendly interface making labeling fun.

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