Best Label Maker for Cables and Electrical Panels of 2022

The importance of a label maker can never be overlooked especially if you work in an electrical industry. Best label maker for cables helps to increase your organizing skills by labeling different wires, power adaptors and any other electrical devices so that you can easily identify them when there is a need for the device.

There are few questions that should be kept in mind before selecting a label maker for cables. 

1. What is the gauge of wire you are required for marking?

2. Are you labeling the wires before or after termination?

3. What environment or chemicals will the labels be exposed to?

4. Is there any customer specification that must be met?

If you are struggling with finding your required wires amid the bunch you have, then a best label maker for electricians is the best choice for you. Find the perfect label maker for all your cables and wires by reading the top label makers specifications below.


Brady BMP21-Plus handheld printer with keyboard creates multi lines labels for clear identification of panels, wires, industrial items, circuit boards, datacomm, as well as maintenance and production areas. Its keyboard contains A to Z letters and 0 to 9 numbers.

Best label maker for fiber cable is ideal for patch panel labeling, cable flagging, fiber optic labeling, hardware labeling, faceplate labeling and general cable identification which make this instrument as the best label maker for electricians.

This instrument produces continuous-only labels up to 0.75 inch wide and the resolution of the print label is 203 dpi. However, the label text prints in a single color and in 6 font sizes. 

Brady BMP21-plus can print labels in 8 incredibly durable materials including self-laminating wire makers, heat-shrink wire sleeves, cable flags, 8-to-10-year outdoor vinyl, nylon cloth wire and panel labels, terminal block and patch panel labels, chemical-resistant polyester and polypropylene. Because of this reason, it is considered as the best label maker for cables.

Brady BMP21-plus has heavy-duty molded rubber impact bumpers and an optional hard carry case and it has been drop-tested to MIL drop-test standards. Moreover, it has over 100 built-in symbols and the text displays on the LCD screen as it is typed.

Furthermore, It operates on 6 AA batteries, optional rechargeable Li-ION battery, or optional AC adapter. 

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Dymo label maker for cables

Rhino 4200 gets industrial labeling jobs done fast. Its ”Hot Key ” shortcuts enable you to quickly create and format wire/cable wraps, flags, fixed length labels, code 39 and code 128 bar codes, while a ”Favorites” key provides single key access to your most commonly used labels, symbols and terms. Moreover, you can easily enter text with a familiar computer style QWERTY keyboard. 

Rhino 4200 can print labels up to 3/4 inch wide in flexible nylon, permanent polyester, and durable vinyl materials – plus directly onto  heat shrink tubes. Furthermore, It has integrated rubber bumpers that help prevent damage from on the job drops and falls.

Rhino 4200 has a library of over 150 symbols and terms for electrical Pro AV/security and facilities management which make this instrument as the best label maker for cables. You can avoid repeated steps with the ”Custom Key” that customize and save settings for individual label formats.



best label maker for electricians

Dymo LabelManager 280 produces water-resistant and durable labels that make it easy to access tools, charts, files, asset management and binders. It includes QWERTY style keyboard to enter and edit text. This instrument can also connect to a PC or Mac with the included USB cable to access powerful editing capabilities including additional fonts, graphics and barcodes. 

Dymo LabelManager 280 creates labels with six font sizes and seven text styles, plus over 200 symbols and clip-art images. Its one-touch and fast formatting keys allow users to easily format text with bold, italics and underlining.  Moreover, It has large LCD display that shows preview of label contents.

Dymo LabelManager 280 is powered by a convenient rechargeable battery pack. It can also be powered and recharged via the included AC power adapter.

Dymo LabelManager 280 prints labels in 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch width that are available in a variety of colors. Dymo D1 and IND flexible Nylon labels are perfect for curved and heavily textured surfaces. These labels are also ideal for organizing jars on the pantry shelf, home and office organization, flag-marking cables and their permanent adhesive means they stay stuck once applied that’s why it is considered as the best label maker for cables.



high quality  label maker for cables

Brother P-Touch PTH110 is portable and lightweight. It is designed to make simple printing labels. The useful cable labeling feature  is intended to help you easily organize your wires and cables that’s why it is considered as the best label maker for cables.

Brother PTH110 personalize your labels with the help of 3 fonts, 5 patterns, 14 frames and over 250 symbols. It uses Brother P-Touch TZe tapes in four different widths that are available in a variety of colors. This best label maker for home use also includes an easy to read graphical display function that permits the user to review the text and format prior to submitting the print job. 

This instrument features one-touch formatting keys that help save time when adding frames or changing other formatting options. The exciting feature of Brother PTH110 is the large internal memory that lets you save up to fifteen of your most commonly used labels and reprint them with a few button presses. 

Brother PTH110 features a QWERTY keyboard that makes typing simple and reduces text errors. It is powered by six AAA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter (sold separately).

This instrument uses Brother TZe durable laminated tapes. Furthermore, these tapes are protected by a thin, clear film to withstand water, abrasion, fading, grease, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, jar and bottle labeling and heavy-duty labeling jobs . P-Touch TZe tape has a split back for easy application.  

This best label maker for electricians comes with a 1-year limited warranty and free phone support for the life of the product.


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Phomemo label maker for cables

Phomemo M110 is a multi-purpose label machine. This instrument has a wide range of uses and involves many industries including clothing, food, telecommunications, shipping, jewelry, school, home use and so on. You can enjoy converting the text in the photos directly into editable text by using the OCR function in a the App.

This instrument has over 300+ templates in the APP, you can easily print any labels. The width range of Phomemo M110 is 20mm~50mm. Phomemo M110 saves a lot of money and time. It eliminates the need for expensive ink or toner, edited your label in the ”Print Master” APP. 

Phomemo M110 has a convenience of Bluetooth 4.0 with up to 33 feet range, just need 2 seconds to connect. Moreover, its mini compact design enables you to take this mini printer to anywhere. 

Phomemo M110 has a rechargeable 1500 mAh battery in it, full charge have 1 week standby time. If compared with similar products, it has the advantages of clearer printing, stronger adhesive and long-lasting color fastness that’s why it is considered as the best label maker for cables.


Brother label maker for cables at mechoffice

Brother PTH100 prints durable, great looking labels for kitchen, office  and business. This instrument adds personal touch with 9 font styles, 7 frames and more than 170 symbols. There are also 9 pre-designed labels in the ‘Auto Designs’ one touch key.

Brother TZe tapes for the PTH100 are durable, laminated easy-peel tape in a variety of colors and produce up to 12mm wide. These tapes are used for cables and wires, photos and textured surfaces. Furthermore, there is iron-on fabric tape for clothes, school uniforms and linens. 

Brother TZe tapes are fade-resistant and waterproof.  They can also withstand temperature changes. This instrument includes cable labeling feature to organize wires and cables that’s why it is considered as the best label maker for cables.

Brother PTH100 includes auto power off feature to extend battery life. This best label maker for electricians also features a manual cutter and vertical printing. Moreover, this instrument operates on six AAA batteries(sold separately).


Dymo label maker for cables

Dymo RhinoPro 5200 gets industrial labeling jobs done fast. It prints code 39 and code 128 barcodes on 3/4 inch wide labels. This instrument meets key ANSI and TIA/EIA 606 A industry labeling standards. 

Network cable label maker includes exclusive one touch ”Hot Keys ” shortcuts and a pre-loaded library of 100+ symbols, formatting labels for electrical and patch panels, terminals and 110 blocks, wire, cable flags and more is easier than ever that’s why it is considered as the best label maker for cables.

Dymo RhinoPro 5200 uses Dymo industrial labels with chemical heat and UV resistant materials. Furthermore, It also prints heat shrink tubes and non adhesive labels.

Dymo RhinoPro 5200 is powered by one Lithium Ion battery. Moreover, this best label maker for electricians is backed by one year limited warranty.


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