Best Handheld Label Maker for Home and Small Businesses

Label maker is a gadget/tool used to design and print labels. These labels are used for organization, identification, barcode printing and other numerous labeling requirements. If you are a homemaker and are organized person, label makers can help you a lot in organizing almost everything at home from kitchen to deep freezer to laundry area. In office, you may use label maker for tagging files, folders, racks and other equipment for easy identification. Industrial application of label makers include assets identification, wires & cables tagging, instructional labels, 5S and safety related labels. Hence, labels makers play vital role in meeting our organization requirements.

            Handheld label makers are portable and are personal label makers. They are small in size and are relatively cheap. Best applications of handheld label makers are at home and for small businesses; ideally suited for low volume users. This article is about best handheld label makers; we have tried our best to select best handheld label makers available in market.

            Below is the summary of key specifications of 10 best handheld label makers in tabulated form, followed by detailed description of each label maker.         

NomenclatureDYMO LetraTag 100H Handheld Label MakerBrother P-Touch Label Maker PT-D210DYMO LabelManager 160 Portable Label MakerBrother P-Touch, PTM95, Handy Label Maker
Brother P-Touch, PTH110 Portable Label MakerBrady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label PrinterDYMO Embossing Label MakerPhomemo D30 Mini Label PrinterDymo Mobile Labeler Label MakerDYMO 420P High-Performance Label Maker
Reviews Bes BudgetBest for Tough ConditionsBest Embossing Label MakerBest Budget and HandheldBest DYMO Mobile LabelerBest handheld label maker High End
Suggested ApplicationsHome Organisation , Iron-On Clothing LabelsHome, Office, GiftsFiles and Binders, Home OrganizationHome offices and Small BusinessesPersonal and Business applications wires & cables, panels, general industrial labels scrapbooking, DIY gifting, home organizationHome and Office OrganizationFiles , Asset Identification, Barcoding
Keyboard PatternABCQWERTQWERTQWERTQWERTABCABC 360 deggreeBluetoothBluetoothABC
Power Source4 AAA batteries (not included)6 AAA batteries or AC adapter(not included)6 AAA batteries or AC adapter(not included)4 AAA batteries (not included)6 AAA batteries or AC adapter(not included)6 AA alkaline batteries or optional AC adapterRechargeable battery & AC adapter (Incl.)
Personalization5 font sizes, 7 print styles and 8 box styles14 Fonts, 97 Frames, 600+ Symbols 6 font sizes, 8 text styles, 4 boxes, 200+ symbols 1 Font, 1 frame, 70+ symbols3 Fonts, 14 Frames, 250+ Symbols6 font sizes49 characters of text, numbers, and symbols8 fonts, 7 font sizes, 10 text styles, 200+ symbols

  • Letratag LT-100H is fairly compact, portable and user friendly label maker.
  • Dymo label maker is capable of adding a touch of personalization and organization to almost everything.
  • It can print on variety of colored labels, while using features including underlining, bolding and text sizing.
  • Graphical display enables you to see the font styles and font effects on screen, letting you know what you are printing exactly.
  • Design features of Dymo home organizer includes; 7 print styles, 5 font styles, 195 symbols and 8 border styles.
  • Product features offered are; 9 label memory, 2 line printing, date stamp, auto-off power saver and 13 character lcd display.
  • It uses thermal printing technology; hence ink or toner is not required.
  • You may choose any language from 3 options i.e. English, French and Spanish.
  • It is a handheld label maker with ABC style keyword allowing, easy creation of labels.
  • Dymo label maker is powered by 4 AAA batteries; not included in package.
  • Best Label maker for organizing everything at home like kitchen, garage, pantry and office setup. Dymo portable label maker will meet your expectations. This makes it best handheld label maker for home or home office set-up.
  • Package box includes Letratag 100H label maker, LT Paper Label Cassette, Black On White, 12 mm x 4 m, LT Clear Plastic Label Cassette, Black On Clear, 12 mm x 4 m, magnetic holder and user manual.

Mechoffice handheld label maker

  • Brother P-Touch PT-D210 easily organizes and personalizes items by creating attractive labels for your home and home office.
  • Brothers Labelmaker offers 27 useful templates with pre-made labels and pattern designs.
  • Handy single touch key provides quick access to fonts, frames, templates and symbols.
  • Preview button let’s to know, how your label will look like, before actually printing it.
  • It uses QWERTY style keyboard with 15 character x 1 line graphical LCD display.
  • Design features of brother P-Touch label maker PT-D210 includes 10 font styles, 14 fonts, 97 frames 600+ symbols, 17 text designs and 10 pattern designs.
  • It also offers user a collection of 27 of pre-designed templates, making label printing easy and fast.
  • Easy access memory feature stores up to 30 labels for quick reprinting.
  • Labeler features includes auto numbering, auto power off and vertical printing.
  • Brothers P-Touch PT-D210 is portable and lightweight, that uses 6 X AAA batteries (not included) enabling to perform label making jobs on the go. You may also purchase optional AC adapter (AD-24), if you want you use as a desktop option.
  • It uses variety of easy to apply “TZe” tapes including laminated, extra strength, acid free adhesive, cable and wire and more label tapes.
  • P-Touch PT-D210 label maker can be used to tags food storage boxes, files, organizing sports equipment, clothes and tools.
  • Brothers best handheld label maker, being lightweight and portable.

ideal choice handheld label maker

  • Dymo labelmanager 160 provides quick and easily labeling in staying organized.
  • DYMO label maker prints durable and water resistant labels making identification and organization of files, charts and tools easy.
  • It comes with QWERTY keyboard letting user quickly enter text, edit and customize with one touch fast keys for a professional label.
  • Design features of Dymo LabelManager 160 includes; 6 font styles, 8 text styles, 4 boxes, 200+ symbols and clip art images.
  • Computer style QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to type and edit text. One touch keys enables quick formatting with bold, italic and underlining options.
  • It has large LCD display that shows exact preview of label contents.
  • Automatic shut-off features save the battery and increase operational time.
  • It is powered by 6 X AAA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter. (not included).
  • Last label memory feature enables reprinting the label without re-typing the content.
  • The DYMO Label Manager 160 is well-suited with water-resistant DYMO D1 and IND labels in 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch widths, providing the right size for the job.
  • DYMO offers a wide variety of D1 label text and background colors to provide users with a broad palette of color coding and organizational potential.

high quality handheld label maker

  • Brother P-Touch label maker PTM95 is quite handy, lightweight, portable and user friendly labeler; making it one of the best handheld label maker.
  • Entering text is easy using computer style QWERT keyboard and easy to read/preview 12 character display.
  • It can print 1 or 2 lines of text and capable of storing 3 labels for quick re-printing.
  • You may customize and personalize your labels for files, folders, school items and gift bags with various text styles, frames and decoration patterns.
  • Design features include 9 types of styles, 10 frames, 8 deco mode patterns and over 200 symbols.
  • P-Touch handheld label maker uses non laminated Genuine Brother “M” series tapes that are available in 9mm and 12mm widths and numerous color options.
  • It uses 4 X AAA batteries for power. Auto power off feature helps in saving battery.
  • Brother offers 1 year limited warranty and free support over phone for the life of product.

best handheld label maker by mechoffice

  • Brother P-Touch PTH110 is lightweight and portable label maker; and is ideal for home and home office organizing needs.
  • It features a QWETRY style keyboard, convenient one touch keys for accessing font, size and styles, easy view display to preview labels before printing.
  • User can personalize labels with 3 fonts, 14 frames and 250 plus symbols.
  • Built in memory stores up-to 15 labels making repetitive printing quite easy.
  • Brother P-Touch label maker prints up-to 2 lines of text on labels of 12 mm width.
  • PTH-110 uses Brother TZe label tapes in a variety of colors, sizes and types.
  • The useful cable labeling feature is anticipated to help you easily categorize wires and cables.
  • Flexible power options i.e. you may use 6 x “AAA” batteries or AC adapter. You may order separately.
  • Brothers Tze tape is laminated making it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Brother P-Touch PTH110 label maker comes with 1 year limited warranty.

good quality handheld label maker

  • Brady BMP21-Plus is a portable handheld label printer that is capable of doing tough jobs under tough conditions.
  • Brady has 100 plus built in symbols.
  • Text gets printed in a single color and in 6 font sizes.
  • Continuous tape cartridges facilitate labels of varying widths. (sold separately)
  • It can be used for multiple applications i.e. organizing a workplace or servicing a breaker box.
  • It is ideal label maker for many industrial identification requirements.
  • Min and maximum label width, which can be printed, are 0.25” to 0.75”.
  • Operates on 6 x AA batteries. Optional rechargeable Li-ion battery or optional AC adapter is also available.
  • Brady is ideal for fiber optic labeling, cable flagging, hardware labeling and general cable ID.
  • It is also suitable for general identification needs; storeroom and shelf labeling, indoor and outdoor facility labeling needs.
  • Capable of creating customized wire wraps, fuse box and electrical panel labels in seconds.
  • Perfect for instructional labels, visual equipment identification, warning labels and 5S implementation programs.
  • It is best handheld label maker for tough environments.

top handheld label maker

  • Dymo embossing label maker is lightweight, portable and handheld label maker. It has been designed ergonomically to give modern look and make it user friendly.
  • It creates artistic labels with intuitive turn and click system.
  • You may customize your labeling requirements with 49 characters of text, numbers and symbols.
  • Embossing labels are available in variety of colors.
  • Dymo embossing label is perfect for scrapbooking, gifting, home organization, crafting cupboard/closet, photo-albums and much more.
  • Dymo label maker doesn’t require batteries and it comfortably stands on workbench or desk.
  • The package includes Dymo embossing label maker, preloaded embossing label tape of dimension 12 feet X 3/8 inch wide.
  • This is one of the best handheld label maker for embossing labeling jobs.

label maker in market

  • Phomemo D30 is portable and has been designed to look attractive. It is Bluetooth wireless label printer making it best handheld label maker in a wireless category.
  • It employs thermal printing technology; cutting down expenses of ink or toner.
  • Multipurpose applications ranging from home to office organizing demands.
  • Appropriate for labeling, storing, marking, New Year celebrations, birthday events, gifts and many more unlimited tasks.
  • User may customize labeling jobs using variety of labeling tapes i.e. white, color, transparent and price tags.
  • D30 papers are water and abrasion resistant. They are free from BPA (bisphenolA).
  • It offers variety of customization i.e. selection of fonts, various texts, qr code, barcode, logo, symbols and icons.
  • Print resolution offered in 203 dpi and printing speed up-to 60mm/sec.
  • Compatible with Android 4.0 and IOS 8.0 or above.
  • To begin printing; install Master Printer App from Google play or Apple store. Open the application and turn on the D30 printer, choose printer model to be D30, then match and connect Bluetooth via app.
  • Phomemo D30 sticker paper removes easily and leaves no residue.

handheld label maker good quality

  • It is smart, portable, handheld label maker. Bluetooth connectivity option allows for rapid and flawless setup with Smartphone or tablet.
  • DYMO Mobile labeler is best handheld label maker with Bluetooth connectivity,
  • You may customize labels by using borders, styles and most popular Google and Apple font libraries.
  • Free DYMO Connect mobile app works great with iOS or Android™ Smartphone’s giving intuitive labeling experience.
  • DYMO connect features spell check and voice to text, reducing time and avoiding errors.
  • It is capable of printing labels of width ¼” to 1” in a range of different colors.
  • DYMO Mobile labeler features automatic cutter making multi-label printing quite handy.
  • DYMO Bluetooth label maker is compatible with Mac OS and windows operating systems for use with DYMO Label software.
  • Package contains Mobile Labeler D1 starter label cassette (1” x 10’ black on white), USB cable, Rechargeable lithium ion battery, AC adapter and Start Guide.
  • DYMO offers 2 years limited warranty.

High rated handheld label maker

  • LabelManager 420P is portable and is equipped with rechargeable battery, eliminating need to buy AAA batteries. It may also be recharged via included AC adapter. These qualities make DYMO label maker 420P, the best handheld label maker for organizing anything at home or office.
  • It comes with broad range of label customization options, including 8 fonts, 7 font sizes, 10 text styles and 8 boxes.
  • If you are looking for more label customization options, you may connect the LabelManager with PC via provided USB cable and access to fonts loaded in PC.
  • It helps you organizing your inventory by offering 6 barcode types.
  • The four-line backlit graphical display shows formatting and font effects on-screen before you print.
  • It can store up-to 15 frequently used labels and can print 10 copies of same label at once.
  • DYMO D1 labels are durable making them water and UV resistant.
  • Vinyl labels offer chemical, water and UV resistance, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. These labels are available in variety of colors that adhere to key ISO and ANSI standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best label maker for home use?

DYMO and Brother offer variety of label makers for home organization. Handheld and portable label makers are recommended for home organizing needs.  DYMO LetraTag 100H, DYMO Label Maker 160 and Brother PT-D210 are recommended for home use being portable and user friendly.

What can I label with label maker?

Label makers are very important tools, when it comes to organize items at home or office. They have many applications at home, office, industries and for small businesses. At home they are used to organize kitchen, deep freezer, laundry area, racks and closet. Offices use label makers to tag files, folders, racks and much more. Electricians use them to tag wires and cables. They are also used for gift tags, birthday celebrations and other events.  Hence, they prove vital tool in identification and tagging of items.

How do I choose a label maker?

Before choosing a best label maker for your application, you may thoroughly access your requirement.  Few important parameters include display size, customization options, power options, connectivity, printing technology and label sizes.

 You may read our following article to get knowledge of selection guide for best label maker.

                      Best Label Maker for Staying Organized

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