Best Cyclone Vacum Cleaner

best cyclone vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are the most essential part in home cleaning. To save your time, money and space vacuum cleaners are worth choices. Today in modern times technology has not only introduced vacuums with cyclonic technology but also the design they are having made vacuum cleaners a time saving machine. The best cyclone vacuum cleaners are … Read more

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Sofa And Bed

In keeping our homes clean, we pay equal attention in cleaning of our sofas in living room as well as beds in our bedrooms. The mattress of the bed and sofa both contains dead skin cells, mites and dust. Cleaning of these essentials is necessary in everyday life. For this some of the best vacuum … Read more

Best Vacuum for Frieze Carpet in 2022

frieze carpet vacuum cleaner

Frieze carpet being popular carpet style adds value and luxury to home décor. This type of carpet consist of tightly twisted fibers strands giving it long lasting durability. Durable construction of frieze carpet makes it a good choice for high traffic areas. Buying a carpet and then installing it in your house is not that … Read more

Best Handheld Vacuum For Stairs in 2022

Best handheld vacuum for stairs

Stairs, the essential part of home must be cleaned every other day just like other parts of the house. For this, a lightweight, portable and with great maneuverability vacuum cleaners are required to clean the tight corners of the stairs and also the narrow spaces. Vacuums with long hose are ideal to clean the top … Read more

Difference between Pet Vacuum and Regular Vacuum?

what is difference pet vacuum and regular vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners being one of vital appliance for cleaning jobs come in variety of styles, features, specialties and attachments targeting different type of surfaces. You might have come across vacuum cleaners having specialties for cat litter, pet hair, allergies and long hairs. This article is about difference pet vacuum and regular vacuum. We will discuss … Read more


vacuum cleaner overheating

Machines are the most essential part of our lives nowadays. In many present machines of our lives, vacuum cleaners are the most common and essential cleaner partner of our homes. Every machine needs to be repaired after some time or when you notice any signs if there something went wrong with your appliance. Vacuum cleaners … Read more

How to Vacuum Hardwood Floors without Scratching?

how to vacuum hardwood floor without scratching?

Many homeowners are moving towards hardwood floors because of exquisite appearance and easier cleaning. Some other benefits of hardwood floors include better air quality, cost effective, durable and offer low maintenance. Homeowners having hardwood floors ask this question quite frequently; How to clean my hardwood floor?  How to vacuum my hardwood floor without scratching? If … Read more

Vacuum Cleaner Motor Specifications

Specifications of vacuum cleaner motor

When shopping around for a vacuum cleaner, its specifications are essential to know for its real world performance. The consumers of the vacuum cleaner want the type of vacuum cleaner that offers the best cleaning ability. Some consumers equate the cleaning ability of vacuum cleaner with ‘suction’ or another word ‘power’. To understand the vacuum … Read more